Why Every Wardrobe Needs A Good Pair Of Jeans In It


Something that is very important to me is that the clothes that I wear are not only comfortable but also functional. I also love items that can go with pretty much anything else I might throw them on with. Which is why one of the staples in my wardrobe is a good pair of jeans. Now denim and I haven't always been friends and I flit back and forth between living in jeans and then not wearing them for weeks. But I always like to have a good pair that I can depend on and as I'm such a fan of low-key dressing this new addition from Ralph Lauren* have been the perfect addition to my wardrobe and here are my favourite ways to dress them up and down. 



A traditional blue wash of denim isn't something I found myself reaching for all that much once I'd gone over to the dark side of the jean world. But they will always be a staple in my wardrobe, not only are they super simple to throw on but they can be transitioned with ease throughout the seasons. I'm not quite as into the super skin tight skinny jeans as I once was although they will always be a staple to me. So I'm currently going for things that are a slightly looser fit and that's exactly what this new addition to my wardrobe is. They still go in at all the right places but have a slight bit of give around the ankle making them perfect to roll up to expose a little bit of ankle.





Of course, I had to start with the classic striped option because it's always a staple in my wardrobe no matter what the season. Pairing a classic fit striped top with these jeans gives them a little bit more a laid-back look. But then pairing them with loafers, a leather jacket or even a blazer can smarten things up a little whilst still keeping that relaxed fit.



Typically this is the type of outfit that I reach for day to day right now. I love a good long sleeve tee right now as it's that perfect transitional piece to keep me warm but it's not so thick that I'll overheat when the sun does make an appearance. It's perfect for those days where you're just running around and need to be comfortable especially at the weekend. Paired with simple converse and a leather jacket is what I usually pair them with incase I need an extra layer.




Pink has come back in a big way this year and I for one couldn't be happier. I've always loved soft blush pink tones and they're the perfect way to add a little bit of colour to an outfit but not be too overpowering. A simple sweatshirt is something that I've loved having in my wardrobe for years as for me it's the closest thing I can get to loungewear without actually being in my pajamas. Again this is one for the days where you just want comfort but you don't want to look like you've just rolled out of bed. 



As well as a classic set of stripes something else I always love to pair with denim is a simple white t-shirt. It's such a timeless simple outfit that never gets old and can work for so many occasions. There is an endless list of things that you can wear with this outfit but I always like to put a little bit of a smarter twist on it with a trench coat and loafers. 

What is your favourite cut & colour of denim to go for?

- Ralph Lauren kindly gifted me these style pieces but this post is not sponsored -

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