Because Going Makeup Free Is Almost As Good As Wearing It

I never thought I would be writing this post. Makeup for so long was my security blanket for bad skin and I never went a day without applying it. This summer I've worn makeup only a handful of times and I feel awesome for it. My skin has never looked better and I feel much happier in myself for it. Of course, I love wearing makeup and the process of applying it is something I really look forward to. But foregoing that step has been making me just as happy too lately. 

Something I'm sure all us females do is apologise when we bump into someone and we've not got makeup on. I'm not sure why this ever became something that warranted an apology. Going without foundation and mascara isn't offensive. I wanted to stop feeling like I had to apply makeup to feel like the best version of myself. If somebody finds it off-putting that I've not took the time to apply X amount of products they're probably not somebody I want to associate myself with. 

I've felt a lot more free when I'm not worn makeup, strange I know, but it's kind of liberating. I don't have to worry if my foundation transfers onto my striped Breton or rubbing my eye and looking like a panda afterwards. The best thing is that no one even cares, it's silly that we think that they do. The lady at the checkout in Tesco isn't going to think I'm gross for not having applied makeup that day. People have got so much going on in their own life to worry about that they're not going to dwell on if we've got a blemish on show or not. 

Personally, I don't want to feel like I need to apply something else to make me feel like myself. I want to use makeup for fun and to make me feel good yes, but not as a requirement. Even though I've never experienced a direct link to wearing makeup and breakouts. I've noticed that my skin is pretty much spot free for 99% of the time when I've not been applying a pile of products. It's given my complexion the chance to breathe and be free and I feel more free in myself.

What are your thoughts on going makeup free?

R x

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