Why Your 20's Aren't So Terrible

For a lot of my 20's I thought they were some of the crappiest years of my life. Like most people I went to university and thought when I graduated, I would totally have my life figured out. Wrong, oh so wrong. Graduating was a big crash into the real adult world, you see at university you're still in this little bubble where you're given some responsibility yes, but it's nothing like the years after term time. I read so many blog posts on why your twenties are terrible and yes they are difficult, but in a lot of ways they're kind of great

I always imagined that my 20's were going to be the time that I did all the things I was 'meant' to be doing. Like settling down, getting that dream job, moving out, getting married and having children. Oh how wrong I was to even think that I would be ready for those things. I'm not ready to be married or even think of having a child, no where near. 

Turning 25 was a realisation for me, you see your 20's are kind of great because it's your time to be as selfish as you like. If like me you're married, own a house or have a child you're pretty much free to do whatever you want. You've not got any mass responsibilities apart from looking after yourself, putting food on the table and making sure you've got a roof over your head. So why not make the most of your 20's and enjoy yourself? 

I'm not saying go wild and be reckless. I mean stop worrying about everything. We all do this, we worry about so many things that we don't even need to. Who cares if you've not got your life entirely figured out by now? Use these important years to figure it out, develop a great relationship with who you are and just be happy. We've all got years ahead of us to worry about life and if the kids are doing ok at school. 

My 20's have been rocky, but now I can look back on the past 5 years and be grateful for how much I've learnt. When tough times do hit we only see how difficult the situation is, not all the invaluable lessons that we're going to learn from them. I'm so glad to have learnt all these things now instead of later on in life. So the next time you start freaking out about being in your twenties remember they're really not so bad and can be pretty awesome. 

What are your thoughts on this?

R x

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