Being Wild & Free And Ditching The 5-Year Plan

The last two words I would ever possibly describe myself as is wild or free. I'm an incredibly organised person and whilst that brings me a lot of joy. I also find that it can bring a lot of unnecessary stress to my day to day life. And lately, I've been thinking a lot about being more wild and free. As well as being a little more spontaneous and carefree as it's something that seems to be so difficult for me. So I wanted to discuss these thoughts in today's post as I know I'm never alone with these little struggles. 


When I say wild I should probably explain that for me being wild isn't living outside with absolutely nothing to do with the world or going out till 6am and partying. For me, being wild is just being more carefree and not being so worried, scared and anxious about pretty much everything. I feel like this has something to do with getting older and getting past those tough first years of your twenties and in general feeling a lot more calm and content. After wasting so many years feeling so high strung and making myself unwell with the crushing amount of pressure I was putting on myself to be something that I wasn't even sure that I wanted to be. It feels so freeing to want to go down a different route that isn't a standard in society. Some people thrive on having strict goals and aims of what they want to achieve but those things don't push me and I find them to be completely demotivating. 

I think we all have our own different ideas of what being wild & free is in life and it's awesome that it can mean so many different things. Whilst I'll never be able to change the personality traits that make me who I am as a person. I can certainly work with them so that they bring me a little more joy in life rather than added stress and a lot of anxious thoughts and worry 


I've always been the type of person who had a set idea of where they wanted to be at a certain point in their life. I was a real stickler for it and when things didn't go that way I had a complete meltdown. I remember at university I was so focused on being engaged, living in London and working in a particular industry all by the time I was 25. And now at 26 I can't help but laugh at myself for thinking it would all be as easy as that. Life doesn't work in check boxes that you meet at a certain age. There are so many situations that arise that we simply cannot control and often they go against those 'ideals'. Whilst right now I do have somewhat of an idea of where I'd like to be at certain points in life I know if those things don't happen then it won't be the end of the world and I'll still be content. For some people, the 5-year plan works and their completely happy but for me, it's just not how I want to live. 


As I used to live so strictly to my 5-year plan I forgot to live in the present as my mind was constantly off in another time. And living in the present is something I'm still terrible at doing. When things aren't quite going so well and you're facing tough circumstances it's all too easy to just want to rush past it all. Accepting things for what they are, no matter what is incredibly tough to do but it's something that I've found to be so important. No-one wants to embrace a rough time but whether it's good or bad nothing lasts forever and everything is temporary. And often without those tough times, we can never truly appreciate just how amazing life can be and that we shouldn't take anything that we have for granted. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on this topic

R x

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