Makeup That Can Handle Hay Fever & Sweat Season

We're now in the full throws of hay fever and when the sunshine does appear sweat season. Whilst going makeup free is optimal I for one still love applying my favourite products but they need to be able to withstand the perils that summer throws at us. Here are some of the best beauty items I've found that meet that brief. 


  1. Prep and prime your skin properly. 
  2. Use thin light layers to build up coverage. 
  3. Set the skin in whatever way works for you.
  4. Use a combination of powders and creams. 
  5. Sandwich products. 

MAKE UP FOREVER HD ULTRA FOUNDATION*: Normally my foundations are a little more glow-inducing than this but when you're creating your own highlight [i.e sweat]. It's optimal to go for something with more of a matte finish. Even though it's matte it doesn't suck all life away from the complexion or make the face look heavy, it's incredibly light and blends seamlessly. It's a base that's much more appropriate for a more oily complexion as it could potentially be a little drying on drier skin types. My eyes tend to stream during hay fever season and it can often leave my base looking a mess. But this is one of the only foundations that not only stays put but remains streak free. 

TARTE EXPOSED BLUSH: Although my love for the Tarte blushes is mostly based on their dreamy shade range and adorable colour coded packaging. Their formulation is what truly makes them fantastic as they're incredibly long lasting and don't wear away to nothing throughout the day like some blushes can. The shade Exposed is tawny pink that's matte in finish but it's not one of those matte's that leaves the cheek looking lifeless and dull. And due to its brown base, it can also be used to sculpt and add definition to the skin as well as add a flush of colour. 

CLARINS OMBRE EYESHADOW*: I always presumed that a matte almost chalky shadow would be the best for staying on the eye. But this stunning product from Clarins is outstanding in its formulation. It's buttery soft and almost creamy upon application but settles down to a long lasting powder finish. You can also really build up the intensity which is perfect when you want to make more of a statement or you can just add a minimal wash of colour for more of a barely there look. Even though it's incredibly long lasting it doesn't highlight any dry areas or lines on the lid. Which can often be an issue with shadows that are more powdery in formulation and finish. 

TOO FACED CHOCOLATE BON BONS PALETTE*: There are some brands in the beauty world that just do eyeshadows so well that nothing else can compare and Too Faced is one of those brands for me. Whilst the Clarins shadow has a dreamy formulation the colour range is minimal. And if you're someone who loves to experiment with multiple shadows and apply more of a dimensional look compared to a one wash wonder then this palette from TF is perfect. I find it leans toward a cooler colour palette which is something I prefer over something incredibly warm and bronze. The shades are so buttery soft and pigmented that they're foolproof to apply [even for complete eyeshadow novices]. And even though they're so soft they don't just disappear on the lids or fade away to nothing throughout the day. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIP CHEAT IN PINK VENUS*: I'm a big fan of fuss-free lip items that require minimal effort but some of my favourite easy breezy products don't last all too well in the heat. This lip pencil from Charlotte Tilbury not only deposits a pretty coral wash of colour but it reshapes and creates the illusion of a fuller lip shape also. The formulation of these pencils is perfect as they stay put for hours with no touch ups. But they're not drying and don't drag the lips when applied or enhance any dry patches. 

What are your favourite products that withstand the heat?

R x

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