Brush Care 101

If you're going to invest in beautiful brushes then it's really important to take good care of them. For a long time, I didn't properly know how to take care of the tools I was using and they ended up in a sorry state. By providing your brushes with some TLC, they can last for years and still perform as well as the first time you used them. 


  • Dirty brushes, obviously.
  • Baby shampoo or Anti bacterial liquid soap.
  • Clean sink area.
  • A mitt (optional, but great for not getting a prune like hand).
  • Clean flannel to rest your damp brushes on to dry.


  1. Swirl the brush around in your palm with lukewarm water first to get the bulk of the makeup residue out. 
  2. Using a small amount of liquid soap or shampoo swirl your brush around. Be careful not to be too vigorous as this will cause the bristles to splay out. 
  3. Rinse thoroughly to get all soap out.
  4. Be careful to not get the ferrule (the metal part) of your brush wet as this can cause the glue to come loose and bristles to fall out or the brush to fall apart. 
  5. Squeeze all the water out in a downward direction.
  6. Reshape the bristles.
  7. Leave to dry on a flannel at a slight downward angle, again not letting any water run down into the brush.

Do you have any brush care tips?

R x

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