A Total Beginners Guide To Running

Running and I have never been good friends. At school, I used to dread the days that we would have cross-country or track. For years, I joked that I wouldn't even run if I was being chased because I disliked it at that much. Within the past few months I really wanted to try and get into running, granted I will never be running marathons, but I wanted to see how I faired with it now. My best friend happened to be thinking the same thing so together we challenged ourselves to at least be able to run for a few minutes without having to lay on the floor afterwards. So if you're a total novice at running too then these totally honest tips might be of use for you.


We downloaded the 10K app which works in intervals between running and walking and each week it goes up. This seemed like the easiest way to break us into us and didn't seem so horribly scary. As she has severe asthma and I have a chronic illness we both knew we had to take our time and really take our health into consideration. So for your pleasure here are some very real things we've said whilst running:

  • My intestine is going to burst, honestly it's going to fall out of me. 
  • Something is sitting on my chest. 
  • Is this pain normal?
  • That ball is going to hit me straight in the face and break my nose (the danger of running in parks). 
  • Maybe my appendix is going to burst? 
  • Oh, my god, I've pulled my groin. 
  • Just leave me. 
  • My stomach is definitely going to fall out of me. 
  • Man, my face really red? Like a beetroot, like a beet from Schrute farms (thankfully I didn't say this outloud). 
  • How do people enjoy this so much? 
  • Seriously, when is this going to be fun? 
  • My cheeks really wobble when I run, I'm like a hamster.
  • You've got longer legs than me it's totally unfair, I'm running twice as far. 
  • I've never sweated so much in my life, who knew your knee's could sweat?

Usually when I read posts about fitness and running they all make it sound super easy like they are a gazelle in the wild. This might be the case for a lot of people but for so many it isn't and it can be daunting. Don't worry if you can only go for a few yards, it takes a long time to build up your stamina. 


This wasn't even something I thought about. The difference between running on a treadmill, pavement and on grass is huge and it changes the way you run. Personally I prefer running on pavement as I feel like I'm in control. Grass is far too spongy for my liking and the fear of flying off a treadmill and losing all my teeth is very real.  


Whenever I do any form of exercise (apart from yoga) I need a good playlist to get me in the mood. Something with a good beat and pace is what I prefer, even though I love John Mayer he isn't ideal running material. I find myself running to a beat really helps me push through when I feel like giving up and laying down. My personal favourite to run to is the Jay-Z vs Linkin Park album, a total classic. 


Whilst I was testing the waters of running I didn't bother changing my trainers. A few runs in I could really feel the strain on my legs and knew if I was going to do this often then my footwear needed to change. My boyfriend happened to be in the states at the time and picked up a pair of Nike Free 5.0's and they're so much cheaper over there. The difference is unbelievable, my feet feel properly supported and they are incredibly light to wear. At many sports stores they can test how you run so that they can fit you for the trainers that are perfect for your running style. 


Running isn't for everybody. The most important thing about exercise for me is that I enjoy it, otherwise I'm never going to want to do it. It seems like everyone is a great runner and is racking up their 10k's and well that just isn't me. Whilst I'm enjoying it I don't think it's ever going to be something I do really seriously or getting up at 5am for an early morning run. All that being said I think that my favourite thing about running is that when I'm feeling super stressed, tense and anxious that all the things that are filling up my brain just seem to float away. The power of endorphins really is incredible and not one to be sniffed at. 

Are you a runner? Do you have any tips?

R x

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