Celebrating Mother's Day In Loving Memory

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When my mum passed away in 2009 I sheltered myself away from Mother's Day. It was always the day that I found incredibly painful and by far the most difficult so I didn't want to have any part of it. But over the years and as well as the fact that I'm much further along in my grief process I've wanted to remember her on this day as she is someone who deserves celebrating even though she's no longer here to spend the day with me. So this Mother's Day when notonthehighstreet invited me to be part of their campaign celebrating all the mother's across the world it gave me the chance to do all those things at a time when I miss her the most and start some new traditions. 



Going to our local library together was something that we did most days after school and there is no question that my love for reading, particularly in a sun lounger in the garden comes from her. Getting lost and devouring a book in one sitting is something that reminds me of my mum so much and a tradition that I hope to pass onto my children. Reading is truly one of my greatest pleasures in life, whilst I may adore the online world it will never be able to evoke the same emotion in me as a good book. One of my fondest memories is when a new Harry Potter book was released it was always at a similar time to our yearly summer holiday to Cornwall. So off we'd go at midnight to go and queue to get the latest book so we could read it on the way down and I can't pick up a Harry Potter without thinking of all those nights we stood and waited to get a first edition.


Getting out early for a walk, mostly on a Sunday was something we did weekly as a child and I can't say I always so willing to go on said work, especially during my teenage years. But now getting out for a walk is one of my favourite things to do and thanks to having a dog something I also have to do. I never understood why my parents were so excited about going for a walk back then but now I totally get it. Getting outside in the fresh air is something that has done my mental health wonders as well making me appreciate each and every season. Little things like seeing the leaves fade to a rich amber to brown and now seeing them transition back to their stunning emerald hue is something that I'll never be able to get enough of.


Much like going for a walk was a tradition in our family so was donning our pinnies and creating some delicious baked goods. I've stashed away all my mum's recipe books that she had scribbled all over to make adjustments to make them perfect and to this day her jam tart and chocolate chip cookie recipe cannot be beaten.  I've not got her natural skill in the kitchen but I always look forward to baking whenever I'm in the mood to rustle something up and I can't help but think of her when tying a bow in my apron strings.


the most valuable things she taught me

I had nineteen glorious years with my mum and even though I wish I'd had so many more here are most important things she taught me in those years; 

  • Never be afraid to fight for your rights.
  • Wash your face and never, ever sleep in your makeup. 
  • Don't let anybody scare you. 
  • Quality over quantity is a motto that applies to most things in life. 
  • Don't let anybody tell you can't achieve what you want. 
  • Sometimes things take longer than what we'd like and that's ok. 
  • Always be kind.
  • Work hard but remember that there is more to life than what your job role is. 
  • Always check the reduced section, you never know what gems you might find. 

a special way to remember her 

I have a few sacred items scattered around my home that are in memory of my mum but I've never had one specific thing for her. And of course, I have my memories and childhood photographs but it's always nice to have something that is just for her. This beautiful simple rose gold band by Posh Totty Designs from notonthehighstreet* with my mum's name engraved into the edge of it has been something that has been so special to wear. Having something that can last me a lifetime and then be something that I'm able to pass down to my children as a way to remember their Grandma is so important to keep her memory living on. I love that upon first glance it just looks like a simple piece of jewellery but then on further inspection, you get to see a little more of the intricate lettering and having that simple touch is so lovely. Personalised gifts are something that I've always absolutely adored receiving and giving throughout my life. Even though I can't give my mum a gift this Mother's Day I can treat myself something to remember her and something as special as this is something I'm sure any mum would love to recieve. 


- this post is in collaberation with notonthehighstreet -