Creating An Awesome Wardrobe On A Budget

It can be all too easy to think to create an awesome wardrobe that you need a huge amount of money to do so. I've never had a lot of cash to just spend on clothes. But it's all down to how you use the money you do have that can have such a big effect on the outcome. Here are a few fail-safe things that can help you create a beautiful and timeless wardrobe on a budget. 


It sounds pretty obvious doesn't it? But by knowing your style and the type of clothes that make you feel awesome when you wear them. Is half of the battle. As is knowing what you need from your clothes. If you're someone who works in a smart environment  you're probably going to need a few sophisticated options than if you work for yourself. Once you know what you want and need then you can make a list of everything. Then break that down into small manageable sections. 


I'm a big advocate of shopping around. There are a couple of areas that I like to invest in. And that is my jeans and a couple of Bretons to see me through the year. I tend to pick up my jeans from Topshop just simply because they're the only brand to fit me properly. And Bretons always come from Joules or Armor Lux. Then for everything else I will shop around and if it fits the bill of what I need and is reasonably priced I will pick it up. Outlets and sales are usually where I pick up the majority of my clothes so I'm getting something I still love but it's reduced so I can get more from my budget. 


Chasing trends and fashion is an expensive habit to get into. Some people have the funds to constantly do this but so many of us don't. So it's much better to pick up something that is a little more basic that can go through all the seasons and be worn with multiple outfits. Rather one single piece that is considered fashionable for one season. 


Designer labels are nice but I don't think a name stitched into a piece of thread makes an item perform that much better. In some cases it does, but it's rare and so often you're just paying for a name. Some people have a real hang up over where an item comes from but if you like it then why not? Some of my favourite and most loved items don't even have a label or come from Tesco. My beloved trench coat is a great example of this, it cost me a mere £14 from Amazon and it looks expensive, it's well made and cost less than my weekly food shop. 


Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is an awesome timeless wardrobe. These things take years. Our style is constantly evolving and changing as we grow up so, in the long run. It's probably better to have less in the beginning so you can build upon things as time goes by.

Do you have any tips for creating an awesome wardrobe?

R x

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