How To Have The Perfect Evening

A couple of weeks ago I put together a post on How To Become A Morning Person. Today I want to look at the other side of the spectrum and talk about the PM. My evenings tend to go one way or another. I either work late or I waste them faffing around doing pointless rubbish. I've been on a mission lately to make my evenings really awesome and savour them and here is how I've been doing so. 


I'm pretty sensitive to my surroundings and I need a good environment to get things done. So when I've got a seriously huge to do list. I need to it to be as light and bright as possible. And when I want to wind down I like to create a relaxing mood. So candles and soft lighting are fail-safe ways to do this. It's such an easy thing to do but it can make all the difference to what you're trying to do. 


Setting yourself a dedicated switch off time can be really difficult. Instead of just saying you'll stop when it reaches a certain time why not have a ritual that you do when it's time to unwind for the day. Mine is usually putting on my favourite comfortable but warm outfit and taking off my makeup and doing my night time skincare routine. They're things that I do anyway but it automatically tells my brain it's time to unwind. 


It might not seem like something that is all that relaxing in theory. But by getting yourself prepared for the next day you can go to bed feeling at peace that you're completely ready for the 24 hours. 


I'm sure this is something that we're all guilty off. Shutting down our laptop for the night only to open up our phone and keep on doing whatever we were doing. And once you're in the habit of doing this it can be pretty difficult to break. One of the biggest things for me was taking my laptop out of the room, I don't do it with my phone but by removing my laptop I'm not tempted. Deleting apps off your phone can also be a big help. 


In order to make sure I don't just faff around all evening not really achieving anything. I have to make a little mental plan of what I want to do that night. For example, one evening I might decide I'm going to read for the night and then the next one I'll start a new cross stitch. By doing this I make sure I'm making time for my hobbies instead of telling myself that I don't have time. When I do, I'm just not using my time wisely. Here are some ideas of what to do without a screen


We all enjoy winding down with technology at some point. Even though I know need to spend less time online. I love catching up with my favourite blogs and watching Netflix. The bright light that our screens emit fools our minds that it's morning when our mind needs to think we're going to bed. Although it doesn't fix the problem altogether turning the brightness right down on whatever screen you're using can be a slight help. 

What do you do to make sure you have an awesome evening?

R x

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