Current Style Obsession: Converse


A style item that's been on my to buy list for a long time is a pair of classic black Converse. I've been a wearer and lover of the white ones for over 6 years now so I knew they were something that I would more than likely get a lot of wear out of so I popped them on my Christmas list and my lovely sister picked a pair up for me and they've barely left my feet since. Which you can probably tell seen as they're only a few weeks old and they're looking very well loved already and here are some of my favourite ways to style them...




where to buy, size guide and wearing them in

I'm a big advocate of trying on shoes before you buy, I mean it's pretty obvious isn't it really? Because you can never really know how they look on you until they're on your feet, I always like my shoes to be as flattering on my legs as possible and if they can make them look a little longer then I'm all for that. I find Converse run really true to size and I'm a dead on 3.5, my white Converse are a 3 and I've always found them a little snug so a 3.5 is perfect. And for once I've not had to bed these shoes in, they've not given me a single blister or rubbed my ankles, isn't it amazing when that happens? My sister picked mine up on Amazon which I know is the easiest place to find half sizes, seriously when are half sizes going to become easier to find? I'm pretty sure they're also a little cheaper on there too but if not you can find them in the majority of shoe stores. 






my current style uniform

Every season I take on a certain uniform and it's pretty much all I wear for weeks on end. My current uniform looks a little something like;





ways to wear: winter


ways to wear: summer


Are you a Converse lover? How do you style yours?

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