Everything I've Bought Lately That Was Worth The Money


In a somewhat recent blog post, I said I wanted to start sharing the things that I buy in the month as I love sharing little wish lists but more often than not I don’t buy everything that’s on it. I’m always trying to cut back on what I’m buying and I only want to purchase things that I ever need and I know will last as fast fashion is such a huge problem. And I think by sharing what I’m purchasing it makes me far more accountable as well as getting the chance to share some things that are very much worth the money if you're in the market for them.


This is one of the items I included in my practical jumper round up and I’ve been looking for a pink jumper for well over a year but never come across a shade that I love until I spotted this online. For £12.99 I wasn’t expecting it to be so soft but it feels beautiful and has been great to wear in this transitional period when the weather is unpredictable as a lot of my knits are far too heavy to wear at the moment. They have this jumper in a couple more shades but I love the pink, it’s quite dusky in its tone so ideal for the winter if you’re still a sucker for pastel shades but want something a little more muted.


Again another item from my practical jumper round up and something that is more of a dress for me than a jumper, however, if you’re really tall it will be a long jumper. I’ve been wanting to wear more roll necks and get into them and I absolutely love this. It makes me feel so snug yet put together and I’ve already been able to wear it quite a few times and paired with a thermal underneath I will most definitely be able to wear this into the really cool months. I wear this with tights, Chelsea boots or loafers and my Barbour jacket over the top and it’s something that can work for dog walks or going into the city. For the price, it’s a lovely piece and there is something very similar in COS at the moment for three times the price.


I mentioned this brand over on my Instagram after someone tagging me in one of their posts and I instantly fell in love with the brand. They’re hand knitted wooly bobble hats that you can fully customise and they’re absolutely beautiful. Not only does it feel good to support a small handmade business but it’s exactly what I’ve hunted for every year as when it’s really cold outside I want the chunkiest hat I can find without looking ridiculous and that’s what this is for me. For a handmade item, this didn’t take too long to arrive and the quality is beautiful and something that I hope I will be able to use for many years.



I picked this up on a whim which isn’t typically something that I like to do but now F&F at Tesco doesn’t have an online store it’s not something I can browse anymore. I’ve bought clothing from Tesco for years so I know it lasts which doesn’t make me feel too bad about this purchase. Last year I was obsessed with oversized knits and leggings but this year I’m leaning more towards jumper dresses and this is a lovely option. A soft pale grey with an almost oatmeal tone to it with a slight bit of detail in the knit. It’s quite thick so again with a thermal underneath and a good pair of tights I will definitely be able to wear this into the super cold months. It’s got somewhat of a high neck, it’s not quite a roll neck but it’s not a crew neck either so a lovely in-between.


Naturally, as it’s getting colder that means I’ve purchased some things for the dogs as well as they’re such slender pups with a single layer of fur so it means that they feel the cold very easily. And I get far too much joy buying them little coats and jumpers. Something I’ve been contemplating for a long time was an orange jumper for Josie as she tends to wander in the woodland and when wearing her forest green fleece she’s difficult to spot and this makes her very easy to see snuffling around. It’s from Dryhound which isn’t a brand I’ve ever bought from before but one I’ve always heard good things about and I was thrilled with my first purchase. These fleeces are great for soggy days and keep Josie warm enough that she’s snug but it’s still breathable and the best part is that it’s completely custom made to your dog. I sent over all the measurements they require and it was made within a couple of days which is incredible for something custom made. If you have a dog that feels the cold or likes to get wet then I highly recommend this brand.


Like I said, Josie wanders and as well as not being able to see her sometimes I can hear her either. I know a lot of dog owners attach a set of bells of their hound and since doing this Josie hasn't wandered as much at all. They’re not so big that she can’t hear me but I can still hear her tinkling around in the woodland, it also makes her known to anything that might be lurking in there. Possibly the best £2 that I’ve spent this month, even if she does sound like a reindeer.


Autumn is a drizzly damp season and the dog's fleeces are what I rely on when it’s a little cooler so when it’s been a little warmer but still wet I’ve been putting them in these little softshell jackets. They’re water-resistant, windproof and they’re absolutely perfect for my speedy hounds as they’re not at all restrictive but it keeps them warm and dry. They’re softshell so they’re still breathable and move with the dog's body which is key, they remind me of little windbreakers but for dogs. They are from a company in the EU and came within just a couple of days which I couldn’t believe. I got brighter colours so they’re easily spotted when wearing them, they also have a reflective strip down the side if I ever walk them in the evening and Josie can still wear her harness with it which is important for any type of outerwear I buy for her. The only downside is that they don’t have a high neck which I prefer as the girls have giraffe-like necks so I want something that can keep them covered up. So I have purchased a couple of snoods to go underneath them which I will also pop under their more transitional hound coats to keep their necks warm and also protected when they’re racing around biting each other.


what have you been buying lately?

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