Everything That I've Stopped Buying To Become A Little More Minimalistic


My attitude towards spending money has changed so much over the course of writing this blog. In the beginning, I had a horrible relationship with money and thought by spending every penny I had that would mean I would be happy and surprise surprise that wasn't the case. And over the years I've made so much progress with changing the mindset that I have towards money, it's no longer the route to my happiness and I no longer have that shopping itch that I constantly need to scratch. This year I've really worked hard at consuming less in my life and taking a way more mindful approach to the things that I do buy. And there are so many things I've found myself not buying anymore...



My magazine collection that I started at university is one of my most prized possessions. I've collected really obscure publications from all over the world and I absolutely adore them. I used to buy magazines on a weekly basis due to my degree in editorial photography but now that's not something I'm studying anymore and it's not something I find myself gravitating towards anyway. I prefer to read blogs for any style or beauty related literature and whilst I do love to see the beautiful editorial content that's in magazines like Kinfolk and In Clover, I feel like I get that fix from photographers on Instagram. And as I could never bear to throw any of the issues away it meant that I was hoarding things and they obviously take up quite a lot of room. I'll always keep the collection that I have but they're something I no longer buy which does sadden me. 


When my shopping addiction was in full force I never ever thought where my clothes were from and constantly bought things that I never ended up wearing that much.  And when I say that I've stopped buying fast fashion I mean that I've stopped buying the huge amount I used to. Because quite frankly I cannot afford to shop 100% ethically, it's incredibly expensive and just not something my budget can handle. But the clothing pieces I do buy now are more considered and something that I'm likely to wear for years to come [especially my outerwear choices]. And if I don't find myself wearing something then I will more than likely sell it on so somebody else can get the use from it or I will give it to charity. I never ever throw out clothing which I think is really important, there are so many ways we can become more mindful of what we do with our consumeristic habits.



One of my favourite things to do was go to IKEA and stock up on at least 20 vanilla candles. I used to burn them constantly and I do have candles around that are PR gifts but I very rarely buy them myself anymore, at least not 20 at a time that's for sure as I've found other ways to scent my living space. I've mentioned this before but as lovely and cosy as they are they can be pretty damaging to your living space and I know I'm not the only one who has noticed a nasty patch of black soot on the ceiling. Like I said, I do still like candles and if I can I will use soy over anything else but finding more long-term solutions to scent my home has been a real game-changer for me. Not only am I being kinder to my living space but I'm also not setting my money quite literally on fire. 


I really started to get into homewares a few years ago and it's something that I absolutely adore shopping for. But it's so easy to fall into the trap of just purchasing things for the sake of it and that they will look pretty on the mantelpiece. I've had to be quite strict on myself to only purchase things that I've either had in mind for a long time but serves a purpose as well as looking nice. I don't want to fill my new living space up with a tonne of junk that has no real purpose and ultimately just gathers dust.


Like I said, I only like to buy homeware that has a real use now but one thing that I've put myself on a ban from buying is mugs. Of course, they are practical and do serve a purpose but I have a serious problem with them. I like to collect them I guess but now the cupboard is overflowing and I'm seriously concerned that one day that I'm going to smash one. And in mine and my boyfriend's household I'm the only one who drinks hot drinks so I'm the only one getting use out of all those mugs. So do I need 20 different types of mugs? No, I definitely do not no matter how much I like to eye them up I've had to put my love affair to an end.


I'd really love to know if there is anything that you've had to stop yourself from buying?

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