Figuring Out Where You Fit In The Blogging World When You Don't Fit Into A Stereotype Or Niche

This is a topic that's been floating around in my brain for a while so subsequently, I've wanted to write about it. Not too long ago I realised that I'm more comfortable being in a store like Cotswold Outdoors than I am in Topshop and I get just as excited about my National Trust membership as I do about a new lipstick. So today I wanted to talk about when your interests don't always go hand in hand, you don't fit into a niche and figuring out where that leaves you in the blogging world. 

allowing people to change & grow

We've all probably seen this happen online where people get upset when someone who they've followed and been invested in for years begin to change and evolve and they don't like it. And it's something I totally understand, especially when you've felt connected to someone for years. When you start to realise that they're not interested in the things that initially drew you together in the first place it can be really sad. Whether we personally know the person or not it can be hard but it's ok if you don't connect anymore, this happens every day in friendships and relationships. Changing people or wanting them to stay the same to fit into what you want isn't fair to do, even though it rarely comes from a place of malice. Allowing and encouraging people to thrive and grow is an incredible thing to do for anyone even if it means you won't have as much in common anymore. 


I admire anyone for putting out what they enjoy in life, whether that's high-end luxe goods or being super savvy and saving all your money. And when you admire others and have some things in common with them it's all too easy to follow in their footsteps and think that's what you should be doing too. But you don't have to and it's ok if you don't. If you love beauty and fashion that doesn't mean it always has to be exactly what the people you admire love too. There is an odd comfort of following the crowd but when it's not exactly what you're passionate about that comfort soon evolves into something else. 

being and creating your own niche

Last year I wrote an entire post about being your own blogging niche [read here] and what I wrote then is still something I stand by now. There is so much pressure on people to find their 'niche' and slot themselves into the confines that others have set and if you don't then you're blogging wrong. It's such nonsense, blogging is something that's built on the fact we all enjoy different things and want to share them so why encourage people to limit themselves? 


There are so many stereotypes in the blogging world and it's almost sad to see people get tarred with the same brush. And of course it's the same in real life but just because people are passionate about one topic that doesn't mean that's their only interest or they're going to behave in a certain way. I know this first hand from writing predominately about beauty as it's all too easy for people to presume that I'm either really shallow or just care about the way I look and of course, that isn't true. Having an interest in beauty and fashion even if it's your job, hobby or you just have a small interest doesn't mean you're a complete moron. And it works the other way round too, it's like presuming if you're a craft blogger you have no interest skincare or beauty. Stereotypes are so cruel and they can really have a negative impact on people's confidence. 



I feel like this is a large part of my life that often gets left out of my blog posts because I'm not quite sure how to slot it in. I'm so passionate about getting outside, exploring and photographing beautiful scenes and woodland. In fact, it's something that's overtaken my love for beauty & fashion at the moment. And I know for a fact that I'm not the only girl who enjoys doings things like that and wearing a nice lipstick whilst doing so. Whether you write about beauty or whether you share beautiful outdoor scenes on your blog you're allowed to be both, it's not a one or the other kind of deal. Yes, it might be a stark contrast between the two but that's not always a negative and the only people we make unhappy not sharing what we're passionate about is ourselves. 


Finding people that you can connect with about more than just one thing isn't easy but it's safe to say you're never alone with your interests, no matter how obscure they might be. And you're never alone in your worries or insecurities in the blogging world. Even the people who we all know seem to be brimming with confidence probably have a whole host of worries. As a true introvert I find it so hard to get myself out there and talk about the things that I feel passionate about but the more that you do it the easier it gets. We always tell ourselves that it's going to be terrifying and that people will be cruel but more than often people are kind and welcoming and it's not scary at all. 


The greatest thing about the online world is that there is no size limit or capacity. People often say the industry is over and dying but it's just changing and evolving into something new that we don't know about yet. We all have different opinions and viewpoints that might be of interest to somebody else but unless we put it out there then we will never know and always wonder what could be. 

What are your thoughts on this?

R x

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