The Beauty & Style Edit: November

We're now fully immersed into Autumn, there is no denying that, the temperature has dropped and there is frost on the ground. So my wardrobe has been changed around and my beauty stash has been altered accordingly and here is the edit for November; 


CARMEX LIP BALM*: When this product popped through my letter box my heart nearly burst with nostalgia. It's one of the first ever beauty products that was sold in Topshop I believe and when I worked there I remember gazing at it fondly but back then I Blistex girl. As it's not incredibly slippy and oily it's a great one to be used underneath matte lipsticks to create an even base for them. And the Cherry flavour is like applying Bakewell Tart to your lips. 

LAURA MERCIER FOUNDATION PRIMER*: I'm not quite sure what the cause of it is but my skin isn't handling makeup well at the moment. When I apply my base [whatever it is] it just seems to sit on top of my complexion if I don't go the extra mile with skin prep. The Laura Mercier foundation primer even though it isn't my favourite is really amazing for creating a beautiful even base for anything that you might apply over the top. It also helps to keep your complexion hydrated throughout the day so makeup doesn't wear away unevenly. It's one of those primers that feels incredible on the complexion too which is perfect for tired and windswept skin 

YSL YOUTH LIBERATOR FOUNDATION: As I'm on a big clearing out kick at the moment I've whittled my bases down to A/W shade appropriate and how old they are and this dreamy base from YSL is top of my list to finish. Like I said, my skin isn't at it's best right now and not only does this add light and radiance to the skin but it's one the easiest foundations to apply for a quick flawless finish. Even though this is possibly my favourite base of all time [to me the sky-high price tag is worth it] I won't be picking it up again anytime soon as I've got so many other products to use first. 

NARS DOUCEUR BLUSHER: Much like my foundation choice my blusher choice is also being dictated by what needs using up. Of course, if you're familiar with my blog then you'll be aware that I'm a big fan of brown based pink shades as they're so easy to wear on a daily basis and you don't have to worry about them clashing with anything else you choose to wear. This shade from Nars has been discontinued which is such a shame as it looks absolutely stunning on pale skin and it sculpts the cheek too. The Nars blush formulation is probably one of the best on the market, they're incredibly long lasting and easy to work with. 

ZOEVA HALO STROBE GEL*: This is a new release from the brand and it's nothing like I've ever used before. I'm not someone who is at all interested in strobing as personally I think it's another word for highlighting the skin but anyway, that's not what's important here. The formulation is odd, it's like jelly in consistency [not something I advise doing but it's very fun to prod]. It blends seemly onto the skin and stays put which is surprising when it comes to liquid products as they can easily melt away. I'm sure this could be used for other things like eye shadow. But, for now, it's adding a healthy sheen to my otherwise pretty lifeless complexion.   

ZOEVA BLANC FUSION PALETTE*: On my lid, I'm sticking to my standard champagne shimmer but in the crease, I've been adding a beautiful purple toned taupe from one of the new Zoeva palettes. I've always heard incredible things about these palettes and for the amount of product you get [10 shadows for £17.50] they're pretty budget friendly. The colours are a little out there for me but the shade Travel Inspired has been lovely just put into the crease and blended up and out to add a little more definition to my standard eye look. I can see why these palettes are so well loved in the blogging world because the quality is absolutely beautiful, buttery and soft to work with but not so soft they just fall down. Maybe one day I'll be a little more adventurous and try a few more shades. That's the only problem with palettes as you're more than likely never going to use all the product. 

RIMMEL MATTE LIPSTICK*: Rimmel lipsticks bring back so many memories for me as I used to religiously apply the shade 107 the moment I saw a golden leaf on the ground. They've released a new Matte Lip Line and it's a truly great product. I'm not quite sure on the matte name though as for me they feel a little more satin as they're not drying or drag in the slightest. The two shades I've been rotating between are High Flyer* & Salute*, both are brown based pinks [what a shock] although High Flyer* is a little more raspberry than pink. For a high street lipstick, they're wonderful, they're easy to apply and long lasting. The only downside is the smell, it's not the most appealing but that's just personal preference as I feel like I've been spoilt by the delicious scent of Clarins lip products. 


CABLEKNIT JUMPERS: I'd been on the hunt for a new cable knit cream jumper for a while as mine was very old and had seen better days. After weeks of searching, I finally found one on ASOS in the men's section. If you're not familiar with my style posts you might not know that I always shop in the Men's section when it comes to knitwear. I always find it's warmer, longer and generally bypasses unnecessary frills or zips which aren't something I'm a fan of but always seem to be all over women's knitwear. I love pairing big knits with leather look jeans as I adore the contrast between the soft wool and the toughness of jeans. 

TRAINERS: Normally when it rolls around to the cooler months I live in my mocassins and I have been wearing them quite a lot but I've been really into trainers lately. I've been trying to get use out of my entire wardrobe instead of just sticking to my favourites so I've been pulling out my old New Balance and Converse. I forgot just how comfortable wearing trainers is and they keep your feet a lot warmer than mocassins do. For me, it's pairing trainers with the right type of outfit as otherwise I just don't feel confident enough to wear them. 

BOBBLE HATS: Finding a bobble hat that isn't ridiculously oversized seems to be something that's oddly difficult. Who they model the shape from is beyond me as no-one's head is actually that big or is it? My love for blush pink is still going strong from S/S and I thought it was the perfect shade to get a winter hat in. The faux fur bobble is also a lovely addition and it's just the right size as sometimes the bobbles can also be stupidly large and in my opinion look completely ridiculous. 

SEASONAL STRIPES: Probably not the most weather appropriate thing to be adding to my wardrobe as it's not that thick but with a thermal cami it's still suitable. We all know how much I love stripes, they're such a classic pattern and I find they go with anything in my wardrobe. I've been on the hunt for a nice burgundy and cream stripe for ages but anything that's not the classic navy isn't the easiest to find. I love the mix of burgundy with shades like green and navy which are my coat colour of choice this A/W. 


What makeup and style items will you be reaching for this November?

R x

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