Flowers 101

If you're a long-term reader of my blog you will know just how much I adore flowers. However, they're a pricey habit to keep up and by not taking care of them properly you can see your blooms wilt far to quickly. So here is a little 101 care guide and a run down of my favourites including a ranking system of longevity, price and availability.


  1. Cut the stems at angle.
  2. Use sugar in the water and regularly change it. 
  3. Remove any leaves that have fallen into the water. 
  4. Keep them in a light environment but not blindingly bright. 
  5. When flowers start to wilt remove them from the bunch. 


I feel sorry for carnations as they're kind of seen as the ugly sister in the flower world but I absolutely love them. Not only are they incredibly affordable for any budget but they last so well and you can easily get a month out of a good bunch. They're available all year around and there are so many variations and shades that you can never get bored of this simple but beautiful flower. 

Price: £1.50 - £3.00

Longevity: 2-4 weeks 

Availability: All year round 


A blogger who loves peonies? What a shocking statement. I kid of course but peonies are truly beautiful flowers but they're not around for very long at all and it can be tricky to track them down. Picking up a bunch that is incredibly closed up might seem like a good idea but often they won't even bloom at all. They're not the longest lasting flowers out of the bunch [flower pun completely intended]. But they're absolutely stunning so as a treat when they're in season is well worth the investment. 

Price: £5 - £7

Longevity: 1-2 weeks

Availability: May - July 


Obviously, I like roses, I mean it's in the title of my blog and I have so many tattooed on me but sadly they're not my favourite flower to buy. They, of course, are a very pretty and delicate flower but I find them difficult to care for and they don't seem to last all that long in my environment. I've found if you do buy a more expensive bunch then they do tend to last a little better than the cheaper options. So as a once in a while treat they're great but not the best option to have around all year.  

Price: £3 - £7

Longevity: 1-1.5 weeks

Availability: All year round 


Whenever I see tulips popping up in my local supermarket I know that Spring is on its way. And I love the simple shape of this flower and seeing them going through their blooming process. With these blooms the more closed up you can find them the better as they don't last incredibly well otherwise. 

Price: £3 - £7

Longevity: 1-2 weeks

Availability: February - June 


Gypsophila is the proper name for these flowers but they're mostly known as baby's breath. They're typically used as a filler flower in larger bouquets but I love buying them on their own. They're incredibly cheap and they last for an absolute age as they're part of the carnation family. Even though they're incredibly simple I still think they can add so much life and interest to your environment. 

Price: £1 - £2

Longevity: 2-4 weeks 

Availability: All year round


I absolutely adore lilies but I don't buy them all too often as I find once they open up they can get stains on absolutely everything they touch. However when I do buy them I do find that they last incredibly well and alongside peonies they're absolutely stunning to observe. My favourites have to be white lilies, such a classic and elegant flower that never get old to have around. 

Price: £5-£8

Longevity:1-2 weeks 

Availability: All year round

What are your favourite flowers?

R x

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