8 Great Beauty Products Under £10

Finding awesome products under or around the £10 mark is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. I certainly don't have the budget to only use high-end beauty and often you don't need to when they're so many amazing items that have a cheaper price tag. I've got some new and old favourites to share with you today that all sit in the budget beauty category for me. 

UNA BRENNAN TEA FLOWER MASK: This has been in my skincare stash for a year or so and I recently brought it back out to use it up before it went off and I forgot just how good this mask is. It brings all the impurities out of the skin making it feel fresh and thoroughly cleansed without feeling dry or stripped. I don't find it settles down to that classic uncomfortable cracking sensation either which isn't something I like in any skincare product. As clay is such a cheap ingredient to put into skincare items it's often argued that you don't need to splurge on an expensive clarifying mask and this item is a great example of that. They have changed the formulation of this mask since I bought this so I'm not sure how that compares but if it's anything like the original then it's another great item from the brand. 

ELEGANT TOUCH NAIL APOTHECARY TOP COAT*: Any item from the newly released Nail Apothecary line from Elegant Touch is great but their top coat, in particular, is awesome. It's quick drying but it doesn't create that awkward shrinking that some top coats are known to do and it keeps your manicure looks pristine for a good 5-6 days before any tip chipping even starts to begin. Finding a good top coat that isn't horribly expensive like Seche Vite or O.P.I is great. As they're expensive products to get into the habit of using and it doesn't automatically make them any better in terms of quality either. 

COLAB LONDON DRY SHAMPOO*: I've begrudgingly been a loyal user of Batiste for years but I can't say it's my favourite product out there. It does the job of making my hair feel a lot less greasy but it doesn't make it feel all that pleasant either. Colab is the brain child of Ruth Crilly who wanted to create an invisible dry shampoo and in partnership with Colab, she's done just that. This product is absolutely fantastic for making the hair not only feel a lot cleaner but the London fragrance especially is lovely spritzed throughout the hair. Even on my dark tresses I can't see any traces of products so I highly doubt I'll ever go back to Batiste when there's this available at a similar price point. 

NIVEA MICELLAR WATER: Long gone are the days where we have to pay an extortionate amount to get our hands on Bioderma. Now there are so many micellar waters out there that we have a huge array to choose from and by my favourite is this sensitive skin option from Nivea. It's the closest I've ever found to actual water and it removes all makeup with ease without any skin or eye irritation. And you can even use it in a pinch to 'cleanse' your skin and you won't end up with a face full of spots the following day. However, that being said I don't think these waters  should ever be used in place of a real cleanser as they simply don't do the job well enough. The only downside to this product is the price and the size. It's not quite as good as it's competitors but other than that it's the best I've ever used. 

GARNIER ULTIMATE BLENDS LOTION: Soap & Glory have always been my go-to when it comes to high street body lotions but they've been knocked off the top spot by this new release from Garnier. I love the hair care line that coincides with this so it was almost a given that I was going to like their body lotions. I particularly like the delicate oat variety which is for dry and sensitive skin. As I can be prone to tiny spots that come up on my legs and this has helped with them a huge amount. It sinks in quickly but keeps your skin feeling soft and hydrated all day and it smells great. But it doesn't interfere with any other fragrance you want to wear either. And of course, how can I fail to mention that it has a pump? Something I believe the majority of products should come with. 

S&G BROW PUTTY*: When it comes to eye products I feel like S&G are one of the best budget brands on the market. The brow putty is a new addition to their line but don't let the title fool you because it's nothing really like a putty at all. It's much more like an eyeshadow and it looks incredibly natural throughout the brows although it can be built up to a more intense look if that's something you want. The way that this product is packaged is what really makes it stand out. As it's got a brush on one end and then the 'putty' is in a small pot on the other end and you just simply dip the brush in. It's a great item for on the go but what would make it even better is if it came with a spoolie but that's just a small detail. 

REVLON MATTE BALMS: If I had to pick just one lip product from the high street it would have to be these matte balms from Revlon. Although the name is a little misleading as I don't find them to be matte at all, infact they're much more of a satin finish on the lips. What I love about these products, in particular, is that they're in a crayon format so they're incredibly easy to apply but you can still get a precise finish with them. And you don't need to sharpen them due to their twist up packaging mechanism. Even though they're more of a satin finish I still find them to be incredibly long lasting on the lips and they're not a complete nightmare to maintain throughout the day. 

OXG KERATIN OIL SPRAY: OGX, in general, are a great brand at the cheaper end of the price spectrum if you want to spend less. But still get products that perform just as well as high-end options. I've spoken about my love for the Keratin Oil Spray in a recent hair post but incase you missed that here's a quick run down. Keratin is a product that helps to strengthen and keep the hair strong so that breakage is minimal so if your hair is prone to that then it's a great line to check out. It's important not to use it too often though as it can have the adverse effect and make the hair too strong so it will snap. 

What are your favourite budget beauty buys?

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