A Fresh Faced Beauty Round Up For Tired Skin

If I had to pick one word for my current beauty aesthetic it would be fresh. And as my skin is so often tired and lacklustre even when I do have a good nights sleep and my diet is great I still struggle with my skin looking drained. So I reach for the fail-safe beauty products that make my skin look fresh and glowing with ease. 


OSKIA RENAISSANCE CLEANSING GEL*: Not only is this cult classic cleanser from Oskia a brilliant option for removing makeup and nourishing the complexion it's incredible for brightening. The pumpkin enzymes help to naturally slough away dead skin cells to reveal a more radiant complexion without the need for harsh scrubs. Before this cleanser is massaged into the skin it's almost like Turkish delight in its consistency but it melts into an oil which feels incredible on the skin. 

ANTIPODES GRACE CREAM CLEANSER*: A cream cleanser isn't the typical product you'd think for when going for a fresh beauty look but as the Oskia cleanser isn't for everyone it's a great alternative. The classic cream formulation always helps the skin to maintain moisture and stay hydrated. Which in turn keeps skin looking fresh throughout the day. Antipodes are an all natural vegan brand who take a more delicate approach to skincare but they always deliver products that work and feel incredible on the complexion. 

EBORIAN CC CREME*: This is a hybrid product as it's skincare and makeup all rolled into one. It contains beads of pigment that burst upon application to match your skin tone and even though it's never going to be exact it still comes close. As well as adding coverage and helping cover up any imperfections in the skin it's incredible for creating a radiant base which can either be worn alone or underneath another base. I love using this underneath foundation as I find it creates the perfect corrected base that is fully prepped for any other product to go on top of it. 

PIXI GLOW PEEL PADS*: Chemical toners/exfoliants are one of my all time favourite ways to keep my skin looking fresh and healthy. There are something I reach for on a daily basis but these new pads from Pixi are a great skin treat rather than daily essential as they contain 20% glycolic acid which is quite strong for daily use. So on the days that my skin really is looking incredibly dull, I simply swipe these over my complexion before moisturising and it feels and looks better instantly. They're not only awesome for brightening the skin but I also find them wonderful for helping tackle breakouts.          

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STILA CONVERTIBLE COLOUR BLUSH: A dewy cheek always screams fresh to me and I absolutely adore the Stila Convertible Colours especially the shade Lilium. Pink can be a tough colour to wear when you're fair skinned. They can either be hideously bright or sickeningly yellow so finding the right one can be tricky. This sits just in the middle of the spectrum as it isn't too bright, too yellow or blue, just a beautiful neutral shade that perks up the complexion with ease. The formulation is an absolute breeze to work with as you simply dab on the colour, blend and you're done. And even though they leave such a pretty dewy finish on the skin they don't melt away an hour after application. 

MODELS OWN SCULPT AND GLOW LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER*: Although I'm a lover of pale skin and embrace my own fair complexion I have to admit that I do always look that little bit healthier when I have a touch of colour on my skin. This product from Models Own adds just a smidgen of bronzy glow to the complexion without being overpowering or orange. I like to use this underneath my foundation but it can be used as a highlighter on the high points of the face to sculpt the skin. They do have a pearly rose shade in the range that would be perfect for just brightening the skin rather than depositing any colour to it. 

TOO FACED CHAMPAGNE SHADOW INSURANCE: Although the main point of this product is to prime the lid to enhance the wear time of any shadows applied over the top I find it can do so much more than that. It deposits such a fresh pretty champagne veil that disguises any veins or any discolouration on the eye which helps create a neutral lid. This shade can be worn alone but in combination with other shadows it helps to create an eye look with so much more depth as well as wearing evenly throughout the day. 

FRANK LIP BALM*: I'm not typically one that likes to go for a glossy lip as I find it's far too much high maintenance and it's a recipe for disaster when you've got long hair. But this balm from Frank still has a high glossy sheen that radiates health but it's not sticky or tacky. It contains some pretty dreamy ingredients which are incredible for helping to get rid of any dry chapped flaky patches. Not only is this an awesome lip balm but products like this are also great for adding a serious sheen to the high points of the face. And if it's good enough for the runway then it's good enough for me. 

PERRICONE MD NO HIGHLIGHTER HIGHLIGHTER*: I couldn't possibly write about looking fresh-faced and glowing without including a highlighter of some sort. And often powder highlighters can look heavy and overpowering on the skin. This beautiful iridescent liquid from skincare brand Perricone MD provides a soft focus glow to any areas that it's applied. It contains light reflecting pearls that bring natural radiance to the complexion. And even though it's a liquid it doesn't look wet on the skin and when it settles down it leaves such a pretty satin finish. 

What are your favourite products for looking fresh?

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