The Fear Of Being Boring

It only takes a quick scroll through social media to see people seemingly having the best time of their lives and embracing every moment of it. And whilst I'm all for having fun, the things that I consider a good time are things like visiting a garden centre, knitting and going to bed at 10pm. Which are all things that others might look at as pretty boring and something that their grandparents do. And in a world where people are constantly jetting off and travelling the world and you like to stay at home in your dressing gown, it's hard not to let those outside pressures get to you. 


When you're in your 20's I think there is a large pressure for people to travel. The phrase 'just book that plane ticket and go' is something I see online on a daily basis. Which is wonderful and it's incredible that we're being encouraged to go and explore the world. But travel definitely for everybody and when you've got a lot of responsibility it's not easy to just pick and leave everything behind. I'm sure there are many valuable lessons that can be taken from travelling but you can also learn a lot of lessons in regular day to day life. Travel isn't on everyone's agenda and that's ok it doesn't make you boring. And it's definitely not the only way to broaden your mind. 


As of right now, there is a lot less stigma about not going out to bars or clubs and drinking. However, for the most part, it's still greeted with the same look of 'why? or 'that's weird'. There are so many reasons why people choose not to drink and for me, it's always been a very simple one. I simply don't enjoy it and on the rare occasion, I have an incredibly weak white wine [at Christmas] I'm quickly reminded that alcohol doesn't agree with my body. It's so silly to think that that if someone doesn't drink that they're boring and don't know how to have a good time. And it's really dangerous to be putting that onto teenagers and young adults who might not feel comfortable with alcohol.  


Every time someone asks me what I enjoy doing in my free time and I give the usual answers of knitting, going for a walk with Bella and reading. I without fail feel like I have to apologise that my answers aren't more exciting. And I don't know why I feel the need to do that because my actions don't affect anyone else and nor should I ever feel bad for doing something I enjoy just because someone else might not like it. No-one should ever feel like that they need to apologise for doing what makes them feel good. Unless of course what you like doing is harming others. 


The word boring probably gets used at least one million times a day I'm sure. But what even is boring? According to the dictionary this is the definition of it; 

1.causing or marked by boredom :
a boring discussion; to have a boring time.

Just like the majority of things in life what we find 'boring' is incredibly subjective because we're all different and we all find joy in things that might bore someone else to tears. But it's all too easy to put your feelings and expectations onto someone else and think that they should be doing the same thing. 

What are your thoughts on this? Do you worry that you're boring?

R x

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