Getting The Motivation to Exercise In A/W

There are a few words that don't sound all that appealing in the colder months and exercise is one of them. Personally, I enjoy exercise when it's at my own pace and I like to take better care of myself but in A/W, it's not something I'm all that keen about. The thought of leaving the house in the cold rain and wind isn't something that fills me with enthusiasm anyway let alone doing it to work out. It's understandable why so many people fall off track with their routine and I do believe it's the time of year when you can be a little more relaxed about the entire thing but here are a few ways to stay somewhat on track. 


Whatever the season it's important to regularly switch up your routine if you want to keep things fresh.  Exercise is something that you should enjoy and somewhat look forward to. I've noticed that if I keep the same routine for too long then that is when I start to make excuses not to work out and it's because it's not something that excites me anymore. Your body can also get used to the same workout and it won't be as effective as it once was.


There are a million and one excuses you can make not to go to the gym, but I don't think there are many excuses not to exercise at home. There are so many workouts available online, I've been particularly enjoying the Fitness Blender workouts as there so many for whatever you feel like doing that day. Another firm favourite is Yoga with Adriene, as yoga is slightly more relaxed it's the perfect oppertunity to take time some time out from the festive madness.  


Something I've been practicing lately is exercising intuitively, it's something that I do with my diet so why not try to do it in more areas of my life?  Often people work better with more structure to their fitness routine but personally I've found when I do that I often try and avoid it at all costs as it just seems like a chore. When you've been regularly exercising I've found that your body tends to crave physical activity. So I've been experimenting with intuitive exercise lately when my body feels the urge to instead of forcing myself. 


This is a fail-safe way to motivate yourself to get back into the mood to exercise. You don't have to spend a ton of money, something as small as a new little vest can get you excited to get moving once again. As it's cooler outside it's the ideal time of year to update your jumpers and hoodies as they can also double up as new loungewear too. 


If there is ever a time to be a little more slack with your workout routine it's now and that is totally ok. It doesn't mean that you've failed with your fitness and once all the celebrations have ended then you can get back into your usual routine. That is exactly what I plan on doing, I want to enjoy the season for what it is with my loved ones instead of trying to squeeze in a workout that will feel rushed and stressed. 

How do you like to keep yourself motivated to work out in A/W?

R x

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