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Over the years, I've had the joy of using a lot of skincare. Some bad and some good and then there have been the products that just stand out so much more than others. There are a few items in my beauty stash that have become a safe bet for my skin and no matter what the condition of my complexion they do exactly what they say they are going to. 


ANTIPODES AURA MANUKA HONEY MASK: My skin is easily congested so that means I have to keep up a strict cleansing routine to avoid any unnecessary breakouts. Especially in A/W, my skin needs an extra boost of my hydration as well as a thorough cleanse and that is where the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask comes into play. It doesn't dry down to that uncomfortable tight finish that many deep cleansing masks do. Instead, it's a thick buttery lotion on the skin and the manuka honey is an all-natural antibacterial to get rid of nasties lurking deep within your pores. 



LIZ EARLE SKIN TONIC*: If I'm not wearing makeup for the day I always like to keep a hydrating toner close by. Not only does the Liz Earle Skin Tonic have a ton of skincare benefits it helps to brighten up the complexion if it's looking a little bit sad and sallow. Going in and out from heated environments and the cold brisk winds of winter can make your skin feel horribly tight but with just a quick spritz of this that feeling is completely eliminated. 


BALANCE ME CLEANSE AND SMOOTH FACE BALM*: This is a great multitasking product. It not only cleanses the skin, but it has small exfoliating particles to brighten the complexion too. Chemical exfoliants are a solid part of my routine but sometimes you can't beat the power of a good manual scrub. I like to use this cleanser if and when my skin needs it as over exfoliation only leads to sore skin with broken capillaries. Even though I prefer to use this for brightening the complexion it still removes any remnants of makeup with this ease and prepares the complexion for the other skincare items you apply afterwards. 


LA ROCHE POSAY EFFACLAR DUO [+]*: I'll probably never stop singing the praises of Effaclar Duo [+]*. It's a total marmite skincare product as your skin either really loves it or really hates it. Luckily, I've always had positive results with it and it's completely changed the general condition of my skin. The texture of my complexion is now incredibly smooth and my pores are considerably smaller and I'm much less prone to blackheads. Many confuse this product with an on the spot treatment as it has different formulations across the world but in the UK, this is a unclogging and decongestant. Since repurchasing it in 2012 it's been reformulated and it now contains scar fading properties and whilst it's not apparent at first over time it does gradually reduce the appearance of them. 


OSKIA RESTORATION OIL*: The price of this oil alone makes it a complete treat and luxury item. Whenever my skin is feeling super stressed, sore and tired a few drops of this is the perfect remedy to relieve it. Sometimes oils can be too overpowering on more combination skin types but this feels a little drier in consistency so it doesn't make the skin feel super slippy or greasy. It doesn't scrimp on this nourishment though and even just a few minutes after you can notice a difference in the moisture and the plumpness of the skin. Even though it's so nourishing you can still apply this in the AM and apply makeup only a few minutes afterwards and you won't resemble an oil slick nor will your makeup slide off. 

What are your safe bet skincare items?

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