The Plant Lovers Guide To Plants That You Can't Kill

My love affair with greenery is at an all-time high at the moment. It all started with cacti and succulents and now I've moved onto bigger and more beautiful house plants. But the problem with all this greenery is that it's all too easy to kill it. Even when you're doing everything right some plants just don't want to be kept alive So finding ways to incorporate greenery in your space that isn't alive is the perfect way to get that fix. And as anything plant related seems to be pretty trendy at the moment I've rounded up some of my favourite ways and items to incorporate it into your life. 


I feel like it's a true sign of adulthood when you get really excited about new pillows. Sainsbury's have just released their new Botanical range which of course is a plant lovers dream. My particular favourite is the palm print pillow* and the botanical pillow*. They still make a statement without being garish. H&M home is another great place to pick up anything plant related and I adore the bedding sets that they sell. I picked up the blush pink fern leaf print bedding set in January and it's such an awesome way to incorporate the trend into your space. And H&M's bedding washes and wears incredibly well as well as being reasonably priced. 


As I've got a lot of plant-related pieces tattooed on me the clothing trend isn't for me unless I want to look like a walking plant. But there are so many beautiful palm leaf print dresses, jumpsuits, tops, trousers and just about anything else you can think of. And I think those pieces are such a beautiful way to add colour and print into your wardrobe without going to the obvious options like stripes or polka dots. 


We all know that I've got a serious obsession with stationery. And my latest love for journals and to-do list pads with leaf print is taking that obsession even deeper. Again Sainsbury's have bought out their own beautiful line but stationery adorned in plants are popping up everywhere. The daily journal from Ohh Deer x Urban Outfitters I think is a great option if you not only love this type of print. It's like a daily diary but it doesn't have the dates that you have to stick with which is perfect if you don't like to use a notepad every day and find yourself getting irritated by missing out pages in your diary when you've got nothing to write in it. 


If any of the above aren't for you and you still want to have plants in your space but you know you're a plant killer then faking it is the way forward. Fake foliage has come a long way in the last few years and now you can barely recognise the ones that aren't real. The only problem with going faux is more often than not they're incredibly expensive but as you're never going to be able to kill them then it's probably worth the investment. As much as I love real plants I know they're not always the easiest to look after and can be so temperamental. 

What are your favourite ways to embrace the plant trend?

R x

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