8 Work From Home Essentials

I've been fortunate enough to work from home for a couple of years now. And in that time I've quickly come to realise that there are a few essentials that I love to have close to hand that make my work day better and easier. I always love to know what tools other people use on a daily basis so today I'm sharing 8 of my favourites. 

MYSELF: Probably the most obvious and kind of goes without saying thing I need for my workday is myself. But I wanted to mention how important it is to set yourself up for a great workday, I've found this to be even more important when working for myself as I'm the one who has to whip myself into shape. We all have our own personal methods to what makes us feel good before diving into a productive day. But my favourite ways to do that is making sure I have a good breakfast and take around 10 minutes or so to do something that I love that isn't working like reading or a little bit of exercise. . 

CANON 700D DSLR: There isn't a day that goes by that I don't take some sort of photograph. So my DSLR is key to this and it's a camera that I absolutely adore and highly recommend. It delivers great high-quality images but it's not incredibly expensive or overly complicated to use. One of the other great things about this camera is that it has a flip out screen which is incredibly handy and I use so much more than I ever thought I would. The screen is also touch sensitive which makes it so easy to skim through the images that you've shot. 

50MM CANON LENS: I have a few lenses in my collection but I would probably say the 50mm is my favourite by far. Which is great when recommending it to other people because it's also the cheapest lens that I own. For the type of photographs that I typically take it's absolutely ideal and it's a great lens to teach yourself photography with as it doesn't let you allow on a zoom. 

MACBOOK AIR: I've been a slave to Apple products since I was 18. That's a whole 8 years and in that time apart from one incident I've never had a bad word to say about them. My MacBook air was something that I had to buy a couple of years ago when my old beloved MacBook Pro died a rather spectacular [and hysterical cry] inducing death. And I chose to go for an Air over another pro as at the time I used to take my laptop on the go quite a lot and the air is obviously incredibly light. I was always dubious of how good the air would be but I love mine. It's still incredibly fast and in combination with an external harddrive [due to limited internal space] I can imagine using this for a good few more years yet. Of course, I'd love a big iMac so I could edit with a larger screen but it makes no sense for me to have two computers. 

TO-DO LIST PAD: I go through different stages with how I like to plan my work day but at the moment I'm on a real list pad kick. It allows me not to get too consumed with what I wrote the previous day as that list is already ticked off and in the bin so I get to start every single day as a fresh. Something I always make sure that I do is to write and plan my to-do list the night before as I'm simply incapable of having a productive work day if I don't make sure my list has already been written and is just waiting for me to tick it off. 

PARKER PEN*: To write all of those to-do lists I've using a new pen from Parker*. For years I was a faithful user of the fountain pen but the ink seems to be difficult to find which is a shame as they write so beautifully. But now I'm a big lover of the rollerball style of pen as they write so well. They are always smooth, never dig into the paper and the ink dries quickly which is key for a good pen purchase. The design of this pen, in particular, is absolutely beautiful the mix of the blushed gold with the yellow gold detailing is absolutely stunning and even though it looks weighty it's incredibly light to write with. 

HAIR TIE: I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my hair and rarely style it unless I need to. A slightly strange but key part of my work day is fashioning my hair in the most ridiculous pineapple style bun that you've probably ever seen. When I'm taking photographs I hate nothing more than my long hair dangling down in my face and generally just getting in the way. So I always like to make sure that I've tied it up and I swear by those odd looking phone cord hair ties as I find that they hold my hair in place so it doesn't slip down throughout the day. 

SLIPPERS: The circulation in my feet is absolutely terrible, they go so blue and numb it's slightly concerning so obviously they tend to get terribly cold too. Even in the summer months, I struggle with this so I need a good pair of slippers to make sure I don't have blue toes. I feel like this a slightly strange thing to include in a work day essentials post but by not having ice cold blue feet it certainly makes my day a lot more pleasurable. 

What are your favourite work day essentials?

R x

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