Gym Wear That's Functional & Flattering

I've really got back into my fitness routine lately and one of the biggest realisations I've had is that I rely on nice gym clothes to get me in the mood to exercise. And yes it's a little materialistic but if it makes you feel good then there is nothing wrong with it in my eyes, we all have our own ways of getting motivated and a nice outfit to wear is mine. Good quality, long lasting and flattering gym clothes typically aren't that budget friendly but here is an edit of all the things that I like to wear from leggings to socks and the vast majority of them are pretty affordable.  


I always wear full-length leggings to the gym as I don't feel comfortable in anything else. Cropped leggings are possibly the least flattering style on my leg shape. So I find full length is the best option and I feel much more confident in them. H&M is my go-to for leggings and I've tried more expensive options and they're by far the best for the price. They're high waisted which is something that I prefer as I find it sucks me in and shapes me nicely. They also stay tight which is a real big pet peeve of mine when leggings go saggy, especially around the knees. A more well-known brand I like is Nike, but I get them from the teen section. As if you're petite they're not only cheaper but they fit better too. Neither of these styles gives you dreaded bunches in weird places, they're not see through and they don't give you camel toe which are a few things I've found notorious with lycra. 


Ok, so this is a slightly weird thing to include in an exercise wear edit. But you're more than likely going to be a female reading this and things like french knickers and lace are possibly the least comfortable thing to wear. Personally, I like to go smooth finish shorts that don't have a seam so you don't get any VPL. Anything that has a strong cotton blend is what I prefer as it doesn't cause irritation when sweating like lace *shudders*. 


I think we're all aware of the standard trainer socks but I've liked never wearing them. I prefer to wear the little no show socks that are the sports variety.  The normal no show socks are too thin to provide any comfort I've found but the sports version are awesome. I pick mine up from Primark as they're a type of mesh and they weirdly make a large difference to how it feels when you exercise. 



I'm oddly particular about what tops I wear to workout in. I don't like anything that's in a t-shirt style, too tight or really baggy as I find it just gets in the way. Typically I go for something that's dry fit or a muscle style tank as that's what feel my best in and even though cotton is comfortable when it gets damp from sweat it doesn't dry very quickly and you become soggy and that's a horrible feeling. 


Aside from footwear, I think probably the most important thing to get yourself is a well fitting sports bra. And whilst the really pretty sports bras with the intricate backs are great to look at they offer little to no support. And there is nothing worse than trying to do something remotely physical and have your chest bounce around as I'm sure we can all agree it's a horrible feeling. More often than not a good sports bra can really wrack up in price especially when getting them from lingerie shops or departments. I've always found that Sports Direct or outlet stores are the best way to get something supportive that doesn't make your eyes water when you look at the price tag.


If you're someone who is a dedicated runner and run outside then getting your trainers fitted is pretty important. However, if you're just a general gym goer then you can be a little more relaxed with your shoe choice. I like to go for something that I can wear out and about as well as to the gym. I always favour Nike over anything else because I prefer their styles. And having size 3 feet means I can always shop in the junior section and save myself some money too [they go up to a 5 in juniors which is a handy tip]. The Flyknit and Juvenate style are two styles that I adore, they're incredibly comfortable and offer up enough support. 

What are your favourite things to wear to the gym or to exercise?

R x

Rebecca WarrinerFitness, Style