The Nail Polishes That Actually Last

Way before my love affair with beauty began I had a slight addiction to nail polish [not in a My Strange Addiction way I must add]. It's something that I've always loved and painting my nails is something that makes me feel 'done'. And even when I'm not using or wearing any other makeup I still feel polished with a good manicure. So over the many, many years that I've been painting my nails I've discovered the ones that last and the ones that don't. Of course, a lot of this is down to what you're doing with your hands. I'm typing constantly, dragging out props and peeling labels off way too often. As well as doing general life stuff and housework wreaks havoc on a manicure but here are the polishes that can withstand it all. 


If you've been a really long-term reader of my beauty content then you will know that I openly really disliked Nails Inc polishes for years. No matter how hard I tried with them they would just not stay on my nails longer than 12 hours. However, once I tried their new formulation alongside their top and base coat they stayed on my nails for days. Typically I don't like to spend more than £10 on a nail polish because I think there are so many good options on the market for less. But Nails Inc have beautiful shade range and now they've changed the brush and their formulation they not only stay on the nails but they're super simple to use and achieve a flawless finish with. So if you're after a treat for someone else or just yourself then they're ideal. 


Probably my all time favourite nail brand is Essie. I've always had nothing but good experiences with them, well with the diffusion line that's available in the UK. The brush and formulation are a lot different to the standard Essie range. I know that when I need my manicure to seriously last I will always slick on an Essie shade. The thick wide brush makes them completely foolproof to apply as it fits the nail perfectly and the formulation is beautiful. It does take 2-3 coats with a really pale shade to achieve an opaque finish but once it's on then it stays put and it takes a solid week for me to notice wear and chips. 


For something a little more budget friendly I like to turn to Rimmel. They have multiple formulations in their line that are fantastic and they're constantly bringing out new shades to the range. My personal favourite is the Salon Pro line as they are incredibly long lasting. However, the brush can sometimes be a little tricky to work with as they handle is quite short and stubby. That's only on the Salon Pro polishes though so the 60 Second range might be better if you struggle with fiddly handles. 


I typically don't shop from Maybelline apart from their nail polish line. The 7 Day Super Stay polishes are fantastic and even though their colour selection is relatively small if you're after just a classic red or burgundy then it's a great line to check out. The formulation upon application isn't anything mind blowing but it's the wear time that makes these nail polishes fantastic. They're on par with the likes of Essie but they're half the price which is perfect. 


Here's a fun fact for you, do you know that Sally Hansen isn't a real person? When I found that out I was mind blown. I'm not quite sure how the brand name came to be but if you do know then please share the knowledge in the comments. Regardless, their nail polish line is fantastic, I'm not quite a fan of their care range or top and base coats but their colours are incredible. The formulation is beautiful, it's thick and creamy and you can get an opaque finish with one swipe. I can get good 4-5 days wear without chips with Sally Hansen polishes and only then will I start to get tip wear and the odd chip on the corners which is to be expected. 


Some people deem a top and base coat useless but personally, I'm a big believer in them. However, it's usually the more high-end options that make the biggest difference but you can often find these in the likes of T K Maxx to get them at a little bit cheaper. I hate the way that polish applies without using a base coat and of course it stains your nails like crazy. Yes, they are two extra steps but they make a big difference and using something quick drying to finish can actually save you time. 

What are your favourite nail polishes that really last?

R x

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty