How To Go Longer Without Washing Your Hair

Something I think is always an interesting conversation is how often people wash their hair. Some people do it daily or if you're anything like me you can go 4-5 days without washing and others can go even longer. When I tell others how little I wash my hair I always get the same question 'how?'. So today I'm going to share some of my best tips to go longer without washing. 

the benefits of going longer without washing

For around 20 or so years I washed my hair on a daily basis and it's something that I totally regret. Even though I was told by so many people and especially hairdressers that it's damaging to your hair. I still continued to do it and just couldn't break the habit. Even though it's might not seem like something that would be damaging but it is. The reason why your scalp produces oil is because it needs it to protect itself. So when you're washing it all away you're taking that natural protectant away. Going longer without washing will not only let your hair become healthier so in turn will grow faster. And for ladies with coloured hair, it will help prolong that beautiful shade for longer which is something I'm sure we all want. 


The lifestyle that you lead has a big effect on your tresses. Especially if you're someone who regularly exercises and sweats from every pore. You're probably going to need a more frequent hair washing schedule than someone who doesn't. The same rule applies to the type of job you have and the environment that you're in. The seasons are also important to take into account. As in Summer when it's typically warmer and we sweat a little more you'll probably want to wash a little more often. Whilst in Winter when it's baltic outside you can probably get more out of your washing period. 



Training your hair to go longer without washing is a long process. I'm currently on a 4/5 day washing schedule when 4 years ago I was a daily washer. I started off small and began with washing every other day which even then felt like a stretch but the more you do it and persist the more normal it will feel. Starting slowly and going one day at a time and building up your hair's resistance is key. 


Keeping your hands away from your tresses is difficult, it's something we all do without realising. Touching your hair as little as possible is something I've found to make the biggest difference when it comes to going longer without washing. Touching your hair can often become something that we do when we're feeling anxious or nervous and is a tough habit to overcome. But when you stop doing it so often it helps so much when it comes to skipping washes. 


BUMBLE AND BUMBLE SUNDAY SHAMPOO: Clarifying shampoo is something that used to terrify me. I was worried that it would strip my hair of all the colour and leave it feeling incredibly dry. This cult classic product from one of my most loved hair care brands Bumble and Bumble is an incredible clarifying shampoo. You're meant to use this on a Sunday like the name suggests [I don't, I just use it when my hair needs it]. To give the hair a deep clean to remove any product build up to leave tresses lightweight and bouncy once again. It does exactly that without leaving the hair feeling stripped or dry. 

BAGSY HAIR WONDER DRY SHAMPOO*: Finding a dry shampoo that is somewhat invisible to spray on the hair is difficult. But this product from fairly new beauty brand Bagsy is a great option. It's much different to most other dry shampoos on the market as it contains rice and tapioca extract which removes excess oil in the root. The subtle scent also helps to mask any unwanted smells in the hair. I'm not sure about anybody else but I find my hair is like a sponge when it comes to smell, especially with food. Just because I love to eat pasta bake it doesn't mean I want my hair smelling like it for days. 

BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO: I have such a love-hate relationship with Batiste. I love it because it does work to take away that horrible greasy feeling after a few days but the way it makes my hair feel isn't all that wonderful. You have to be careful with how close you spray this to the roots of your hair especially if you're a brunette or even darker as you will end up with a strong white cast subsequently making you look like you've gone prematurely grey. However, a good way to work with this is to spray liberally on your hair before going to bed and letting it sink in overnight and when you wake up your hair will feel so much fresher. 

Do you have tips for going longer without washing? 

R x

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