A Guide To Keeping Greenery Growing From A Serial Plant Killer


If you hadn't guessed already. I really love houseplants and any other sort of greenery that you can add to your space. However, if you're just starting out in the world of plants then you're probably going to have a few fatalities come your way. So here are my best tips for keeping your greenery growing and looking healthy from a self-confessed plant murderer. 


  • Don't put them in direct sunlight.
  • Water regularly, have a schedule if possible.
  • If the leaves start to droop slightly don't panic, just water a little more often. 
  • Get rid of any dead leaves, they can stunt growth. 
  • Leave your plants plenty of drainage, half an inch of pebbles in the bottom will do the trick.
  • Don't overwater them, misting often works better than pouring water directly into the soil. The phrase plants like a shower not a bath is a good one to remember. 
  • It's totally normal for them to look a little sad during the winter months. 
  • Repot when they start becoming too big for their existing home. 
  • Keep on an eye on them and get to know the characteristics of your plant. That way you'll know when something isn't quite right.
  • Be careful with what plant you're buying if you're a house with animals. 
  • Don't move it around too often as it causes shock to the plant. 
  • Baby bio is your best friend and doesn't need to be used all that often.  

If you're not used to having plants in your home I think cacti and succulents are a great way to start. Cacti, in particular, are pretty fool proof to care for as they need minimal attention. But they're not completely impossible to kill so be aware of that. The care guide is pretty similar to peace lilies, rubber plants and ferns in general but with a few variations. 


  • Repot every 6 months.
  • Don't over water them, only when the soil is dry.
  • Be careful when touching your succulents as often it can cause damage. 
  • Place them in an area that gets sunlight but not too much, they can burn [especially succulents]. 
  • As your cacti grows, change its pot so it has more room to grow.
  • Don't move them around too much, this can cause trauma to the plant. 
  • Be careful when making a DIY holder, make sure it has drainage. Cute little teacups might look adorable but they're not a practical plant home. 
  • Don't move them from a cold environment to a warm one. 
  • They only need lightly misting in the winter.
  • Cacti love warmer climates so it's totally normal for them to look a little sad in the A/W with very little growth. 
  • Special cactus soil is better than regular soil so bear this in mind when repotting.
  • Be aware of rotting leaves and remove immediately. 

Do you have any tips for keeping house plants alive?

R x

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