How To Keep Your Brushes Looking Like New

A question that crops up quite a lot is how I keep my makeup brushes so clean. They make a regular appearance on my blog and Instagram posts as they make the prettiest props so it's understandable why the question comes up. For me, makeup brushes are an investment so I treat them the best way I possibly can to make sure I'm getting the most out of them. Because when you take good care of your brushes they can sometimes last you decades. So here is my little 101 guide for taking awesome care of your brushes and how to get them looking brand new every time you wash them.


Shoving your makeup brushes into various bags when on the go sometimes isn't something that's always avoidable. Storing your brushes in a place where they aren't getting their bristles squashed or misshapen it can really help prolong your brushes life as well as of course preserving the quality. And if you do take them out on the go having a separate case for them might seem a little unnecessary at first. But not only does it help your brushes keep their shape but they're also not getting product all over your other possessions.


Any beauty lover knows that makeup brushes should be regularly washed for a multitude of reasons. But that doesn't mean we're always that good at actually getting it done. Because brush laundry is a lengthy process and one that's easily forgotten about. I try to stick to the one wash a week rule as when any product is left sitting in your brushes for weeks on end it tends to stain. A good trick I've learnt is to wash your brushes straight after you've used them. This is especially effective when it comes to base brushes as it makes it much easier to work all the product of them. I don't have much of a preference when it comes to what I wash my brushes with apart from it being antibacterial. There are so many pricey options on the market but I've never found them to be more effective than a simple hand soap. 


  1. Swirl the brush around in your palm with lukewarm water first to get the bulk of the makeup residue out. 
  2. Using a small amount of anti-bacterial liquid soap and swirl your brush around. Be careful not to be too vigorous as this will cause the bristles to splay out. 
  3. Rinse thoroughly to get all soap out, I like to use a gentle swirling motion again. 
  4. Be careful to not get the ferrule (the metal part) of your brush wet as this can cause the glue to come loose and bristles to fall out or the brush to fall apart. 
  5. Squeeze all the water out in a downward direction.
  6. Reshape the bristles.
  7. Leave to dry on a flannel at a slight downward angle, again not letting any water run down into the brush.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your brushes looking like new?

R x

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