Getting The Motivation To Exercise

The internet is really good at making us think that it's normal to spring out of bed at 5am and go for a 10-mile run. And for some people they might have the enthusiasm to do that but for the vast majority of us getting the motivation to exercise is really hard. And it's something I've definitely struggled with since suffering an injury and getting completely out of the habit of doing anything fitness related. So here are a few things I always like to bear in mind when getting myself to motivated again. 


Exercise is something that we know we should do, it's not a secret or some sort of revolutionary discovery. But just because we know and are  regularly told we should do it that doesn't mean we want to do. For some people, the thought of exercising isn't one they like to think about because it's something that's so unenjoyable. Or it's just not something that they have the time for in their crazy schedule. Finding the reason why you want to partake in physical activity is so important initially for getting motivated. And it's normal for your motivation to change and evolve. For me, my biggest motivation to exercise is for my mental health [I wrote a whole post about it here]. Fitness is not something that comes naturally to me at all and it's something I really have to push myself with as my physical health problems put a lot of roadblocks in my way. But the way it makes my mind feel makes all the difference in my world and whenever I'm going through a slump it's something I always try to remind myself of. 


Call it shallow or materialistic but personally, I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to make yourself look nice and feel confident to go the gym. It's a place where we all probably feel a little vulnerable so feeling your best is one the easiest steps to making it a little less daunting. In general, nice workout clothes can be a little pricey from brands like Nike and Adidas [going to the outlets is a big help]. But places like H&M and T K Maxx are a lot more reasonably priced and the pieces are just as nice. And clothing is something that's the perfect reward to yourself if you keep up with your routine. As the more you go then the more you need as I don't think anyone does their washing every day to get rid of sweaty aroma coming from your sports bra. 


It's something that's said time and time again and even though it doesn't make it any easier. Anything fitness related takes time I'm pretty sure [correct me if I'm wrong] that it takes around 6 weeks to really see results. So if you get a few weeks in and you still aren't noticing a change don't get disheartened. And even if your results aren't physical there are probably other results that are instant like mental clarity and having the confidence and pride in yourself which aren't things that should be ignored or dismissed. 


Getting a personal trainer is a huge luxury but for some people, it's the only way they can get motivated to exercise. For me, it's just not in my budget but as I'm not a fitness expert talking to someone who works in the gym to help you find a routine that can work for you is something that's so important. And spending an hour or so with someone who knows exactly what they're doing is something that sounds super daunting but it's never as bad as you think it might be. One of the most important things I've found when it comes to planning out a routine that will work in the long run is being completely honest with yourself and your capability. If you know you detest running then why force yourself to do it?  There are so many ways to exercise now that there is bound to be something that doesn't make you want to vomit within 5 minutes. 


#FITSPO is something that I really don't like and something I find is pretty problematic in the online world. But I think having some sort of outside inspiration other than yourself is something that can work really well. And whilst looking up to the way other people look might seem like a great idea. It's never going to end well as we're all so different and we're never going to the look the same as someone else [which is a great thing]. There are so many awesome people online who inspire me when it comes to fitness because they share a similar point of view to me. They're totally worth checking out if you like honest chats about fitness and creating a relationship of balance with the process. 

How do you get yourself motivated to exercise?

R x

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