How To Make Sure Your Environment Always Smell Delicious


You know you're officially an adult when you really care how your environment smells and spend your time perusing reed diffusers and candles. I think it was during my university years that I really delved into the world of candles and then in recent years I've looked into other avenues of making my space smell as delicious as possible. There is just something so lovely about stepping inside and smelling that sweet scent of home. And there are so many options out there but these 4 methods are my fail-safes.



If you want something that you can set up and leave to spread its dreamy scent then a reed diffuser is a great option to go for. These are something that I always have around as you can just leave them be and they last an absolute age too. I can get a good couple of months out of them and that's the same whether you spend a little more or a little less.  Before I used a reed diffuser and I always thought they would be a pointless item as how could they give off such a strong scent? But don't be fooled, those little reeds and the aroma are perfect, you just to remember to flip the sticks every so often.





I couldn't write this post without talking about talking about my favourite home scents, they're nothing too exciting and I never go that seasonal either so tend to favour the classics like...

  • Amber 
  • Citrus 
  • Almond
  • Coconut
  • Vanilla
  • Mint


Candles are something that I absolutely adore, it's been well documented on this blog just how much I absolutely love setting my money on fire essentially. They're such a fail-safe for home scenting too and the first option that most people think of when it comes to making your environment smell amazing. Something I have so sadly learnt is that candles, in the long run, aren't that good for your environment though and I've left black soot patches all over my old room from using them too much. This isn't to say candles are terrible but burning them constantly isn't amazing and now with most candles even when they're not lit you can still smell them. But every so often lighting a candle can be such a lovely way to fill your space with a warm scent especially in the festive season. These are my favourite brands to shop from;



Whenever I clean or somebody is coming over I always like to use a room spray. Even though there are candles and reed diffusers scattered around to give any room a boost a spray is a great option. I'm not a big fan of air fresheners as I find them to be quite chemically smelling and they can settle on furniture and make the floor damp. I've always enjoyed the room sprays from The White Company, they're a pricey option but they last for such a long time and make a wonderful gift if you know somebody who has just moved. 


I've saved probably my favourite option till last when it comes to home scenting. It's been a couple of years since I bought my aroma diffuser and it's something that I use pretty much every day. If you don't know what aroma diffusers are they're a little machine that you fill up with water and a few drops of oil of your choice, turn it on and it puffs out scented air. Mine lives on my desk and doubles up as a little lamp which is ideal in the cooler months. If you want a super cost-friendly way to scenting your home then an aroma diffuser is such a good option and it doesn't harm your living space in any way at all. And if you have any animals they can't get to it either like they can with reed diffusers or candles. You can constantly switch up the scents that you have too and can experiment with your own blends. 


What's your favourite way to scent your home?

Rebecca WarrinerInterior