Soft Focus Skin Filters


Some like to go for a dewy skin and some like the matte look, but me, I like the soft focus effect. You know the one where you look like you're walking around with a dimly lit softbox constantly focused on you or you've found a wonderful Instagram filter that still allows you to look like yourself but just a little bit softer. And there are some really lovely priming and powder products that can help you achieve this look. Even when I'm not wearing makeup I'm likely to reach for them to add that softness to my skin as well as blur any imperfections without the use of any concealing products.



I'm almost a 100% sure if you're a regular reader of my beauty posts then you will be fed up with me talking about this product. It's been nearly 5 years since I first used this and I still love it as much as it did the first time I tried it. It's undoubtedly one of the best primers that I've ever used, it's the perfect option if you have oily or combination skin as it balances those areas and then adds hydration where your skin needs it the most. It creates such a smooth surface on the skin and the pink tone adds a touch of luminosity that is always welcome. And even though it smoothes over imperfections which helps dramatically with scarring and blemishes it's something I've ever found to clog my skin which can so easily happen with products that are so perfecting.


When this was released and it arrived on my doorstep I was wary. It's way more expensive that my typical priming options because it's also a skincare product so it's a two in one. You may read the name of this and roll your eyes like 'yeah, whatever, it's more than likely not that good' but it really is beautiful. It contains hyaluronic acid and healthy probiotics which are things that my skin absolutely adores and then the priming side is beautiful. It smoothes everything out, balances as well as leaving you feeling fresh-faced and nourished and prepped for any products that you may apply over the top. It's a more matte finish but it's that really flattering matte where your skin isn't left feeling tight and dry, just balanced and prepped. It's pricey, there is no denying that but to give your skin a two in one then it's well worth it, totally a lazy girl certified product.



Colour correctors are something that I discovered and fell in love with a couple of years ago and this priming product is a two in one. The lavender tone brightens the skin and diffuses it so when you're out in the harsh sunlight everything looks a little softer. Which with that horrible low winter sun is something that is incredibly useful for the skin. It's not a primer that smoothes and creates a super even base for other products but with the way it diffuses and adds light even to the most lacklustre complexion is why it's made the cut in this edit. If you're not somebody who loves that typically almost mousse-like texture that a lot of primers have then this is incredibly lightweight and it sinks into the skin immediately.


If you want your skin to feel tight [in a good way], lifted and plump then this a wonderful product. It's got a large cult following and I think it's something that you either love or you hate. It's quite a thick cream in consistency with a slight pink tinge to it which I like as it always adds just that little bit of glow to the skin. It reminds me of a slightly fancier version of the popular Embroylisse moisturiser as it's so versatile and you can use it as a primer, moisturiser or a mask. Personally, I like to use it as a primer when I'm looking a little worse for wear so either when I'm incredibly tired or unwell and really need that pick me up as it really does give you that lift. Ideal for makeup-free days to give you that more perfected look or underneath makeup in combination with your base of choice it works wonderfully and it helps your makeup stay around for longer too.



This was my first foray into the world of soft focus powders which have become incredibly popular over the past couple of years. This is a marbleized product so each one is different and some might not be all that suitable for an all-over complexion powder. And of course, you do need to be fair skinned to use this and looking before you buy may be a good idea. As it's veined with different shades I find it's not just good at adding that lovely soft focus glow to the skin but it's also perfect for neutralising any unsightly tones in the skin. MAC powders are a firm favourite of mine, they never leave the skin feeling tight or cakey and last forever too which makes them worth the investment.


These beautiful almost too pretty to use pearls are a cult beauty item. And one that I had all wrong, I thought that they would be laden with talc and so horribly drying on the skin but they're not. The blend of soft pastel colours adds such a lovely soft glow to the skin and the beautiful formulation makes you still feel velvety smooth and gliding over imperfections rather than enhancing them. And they're not a total faff to use either, they remind me ever so slightly a loose powder without all the hassle and worry of it flying absolutely everywhere. These are a product that could totally belong in the 40's with the decadent packaging and the soft parma violet smell they're such a joy to use.


Are you a lover of soft focus skin filters?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty