How To Perfect Your Own Work-Life Balance Without Burning Out

There is no such thing as the perfect work-life balance. It doesn't exist. Life is busy and it constantly changes so our balance is constantly shifted from one thing to another. One of my biggest concerns, when it comes managing everything, is making sure that I don't become burnt out. Going through a burn out sucks, it takes you away from every aspect of your life. But it's something we can try and avoid by living a balanced life by our own admissions. Here are some of my favourite things to bear in mind when it comes to tackling the elusive work-life balance. 


We all have things in our life that cannot be negotiated. The things that we have to make time for and make part of our schedule.These are mine; 

  • Work.
  • Family, Boyfriend and Friends. 
  • Self-care & Rest.
  • Fitness, health and general wellbeing.

Knowing what these things are in your own life is something that is so important as it allows you to plan and take everything into consideration. It might seem like a silly thing to do but by writing down what your non-negotiables are. It allows your to be clearer on your schedule and where you can say no to other outside factors. 


Although the phrase 'a worry shared is a worry halved' is a cliche. It's one that is applicable to everyone and most things in life. When you're feeling strained and stressed it can be all too easy to harbour all of doubts and anxieties to yourself. Which in turn makes everything feel so much worse. Talking to a loved one about what's on your mind and what's making you feel pushed to your limits. Can be incredibly helpful and soothing to your anxious mind. I'm my own worst enemy as I have a tendency to hoard my worries. But when I do share them it lightens the load so much. 


Work is something that is incredibly important and valuable. Obviously, it not only sustains us to live but work can add so much value and happiness to our life. Whilst I put a lot of value on work, not only financially but mentally too. It's not the only thing that holds worth. Building long lasting and beautiful friendships isn't something that will pay the bills but it's something that will feed our souls in so many ways. 


I'm super passionate about self-care and looking after ourselves. But that doesn't mean I'm not about the hard work or the hustle. I just like to have somewhat of a balance between the two. Some people thrive off being busy and love nothing more than working super long hours. But some people love to put the hours in that they need to but they thrive from self-care or building long lasting friendships. There is no right or wrong and it's important to look at both sides when trying to find your own balance between everything. 


It's something that I say so often but we all have the right to say no. We live in a world where we're constantly pressured to yes to everything that comes our way. But those things might not make you happy and you're just doing them because you feel like you have to. It might be uncomfortable at first when you're not reaching the expectation of someone else. But when what they're asking is going to cause you unhappiness or push your schedule even further. It's important to ask yourself if it's something you feel really passionate about and is it going to add value to your life in any way? Our time is precious and totally our own and even though it might not seem like it sometimes we all have the right to say no. 

How do you manage your work-life balance?

R x

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