4 Podcast Episodes That Will Inspire You

Podcasts are something that brings so much happiness to my life. Not only for entertainment but for inspiration too. As they're not visual I don't find they sway my own creativity in any way. Which is something I find can easily happen when browsing through an awesome website. I've got 5 of my favourite podcast episodes to share with you today that will hopefully inspire you. 


I have a serious love for Jess and everything about The Lively Show. A few weeks ago she released something called Work + Worth.  As soon as I started reading the story behind why she created the course it struck a chord with me. Something I've always based my self-worth on is what I'm doing for work. And whilst I completely believe that work can add to your self-worth it's not the only thing can define it. Because beyond what we do for our jobs we are humans and how we bring in our income isn't what should define us. Most episodes of the TLS inspire me but this one is incredibly special. It made me realise that I'm not alone in the way that I've been measuring my self-worth and it's something to work on in the future. 


Having followed both Cat & Ingrid on YouTube for years I was really excited to see that they'd released a podcast. Not only was this first episode incredibly interesting as they shared how they became friends but they dug into some important issues surrounding friendships. I'm incredibly introverted and I could totally relate to Cat saying that she finds it easier to talk to somebody one on one. As in large groups, I shrink into my shell and find it difficult to get my words out. The topic of maintaining adult friendships brought up issues that are rarely spoken about online. When you get older and become busy it can be incredibly hard to maintain your friendships. You have to make time for each other and put the work in. Otherwise, those strong bonds can fizzle out. It made me really think about the friendships in my life and how I can be a better friend for sure.


Filler has quickly become one of my favourite podcasts. It surrounds the creative industry and the people in it. I've got a lot of favourite episodes but out of all of them, it has to be the interview with Charly Cox. I've known of Charly for a while as she writes the blog Style The Natives. Which is unlike any of the other blogs that I read, and I adore that. Whilst I cannot stand the term #GIRLBOSS, if there is anyone that I would say is total bad-ass girl boss it's Charly. Her career history is incredibly interesting and so inspiring to see someone who has not taken the traditional route and still achieved so many incredible things. 


This is a recent discovery for me. I'm yet to read Big Magic but if it's anything like this awesome podcast then I'm in for a treat. This episode covers the fear that comes with creativity. Once you've found your groove with whatever you're doing in the field it's all too easy to stay in that comfortable bubble. And it's something that I've been thinking about lately. Whilst I'm incredibly happy with where I am in my own work, I feel like I'm too comfortable. I know what works and I tend to roll with it. But then I'm not moving forward and becoming stagnant. The problem with fear is that it can be incredibly motivating but it can also become a monster that we run away from. And we're the only ones who can face the fear and put in all the work that we need to do to push our creativity even further. 

What are your favourite podcasts?

R x

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