How To Procrastinate Productively

Something I'm not all that proud of is how much I like to procrastinate. And I know it's something that we all do, no matter how much you hustle and grind you will more than likely still procrastinate at some point. And it's probably one of the biggest downfalls of working for yourself because you don't have anyone else saying there are things you need to do even though you know you need to get it done. Because I can be quite the procrastinator I've learnt that there are ways to do it without being completely unproductive and here are some of my favourites; 



  1. delay or postpone action; put off doing something.


I, of course, love beauty products and do make time for them in my routine but when I'm procrastinating this is usually the time that I reach for a face mask. Using a mask regularly and consistently is a big part of my skincare routine and it's something that I know keeps my skin really happy. Especially when it's something clarifying to get all the dirt and grime out from deep within my pores. The greatest thing about applying a face mask as a form of procrastination is that you can always get other things done whilst it works its magic on your complexion. You might look ridiculous with a bright green face whilst doing the ironing but your face will probably thank you afterwards. 


Possibly my all time favourite way to avoid the thing that actually needs doing and still do something somewhat productive is by organising things. Anything from sorting out my finances to planning new blog posts is usually what I find myself doing. So it's by no means wasting time but there are only so many hours in the day and sometimes you don't always have the time to organise things properly and keep up to date with everything so it's a wonderful way to procrastinate. 


In general tidying and bumbling around is something I enjoy and have to make time for in my schedule. But there are some elements of housework that I cannot stand and avoid at all costs like cleaning the bath and hoovering the stairs and weirdly watering all my plants. And these are all things that I know have to be done but mustering up the energy to do them when you've already got a lengthy to-do list is difficult. Probably not the most fun way to procrastinate that's for sure but it's productive none the less and you can get to reap the rewards of a clean house afterwards. 


Something I'm really really terrible at is listening to the same music on repeat over and over again and discovering new music isn't something I tend to do all that often. Every so often I'll scour Spotify and try and find some new music and create a fresh playlist or add songs to an existing one. Recently I've been loving Honne's album and Busted's new album is pretty awesome too if you're into anything 80's. 


If there is one thing that I'm constantly trying to work on is getting better at it's answering my e-mails. And I'm by no means terrible at answering them but I certainly could get better with them as they're such a big part of my job. So whenever I'm sat looking at my laptop and my brain can't quite decide what to do that I can always go into my inbox and I'll instantly be busy and answering your e-mails is always super productive. And it's not just replying to them either but making sure your inbox is clean and tidy is so important as things can so easily get lost in there and you never want to miss something. 

What are your favourite ways to procrastinate productively?

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