Hyped Blogger Products That Seriously Disappointed me

Like most beauty lovers out there I'm so quick to share the beauty products that I really love but it's rare that I give coverage to the products that didn't work for me. And for the most part, it makes sense because what's the point in wasting time writing about something that didn't work? But on the flipside, I always like to know what didn't work someone and the reasons why. We can never love everything that we come into contact with and here are the really hyped up blogger beauty products that have disappointed me over the years.


This was never so much the product even though I was never quite so keen on the cult MAC creamsheen formula. On me, although it was very creamy it just left a horrible smeary finish and highlighted the majority of imperfections on the lips. It could have been my lips but it was a little disappointing from the get go. But it was the colour that was really terrible for me and you will know if you've been in the blogging world for a while this was a product that everyone suggested as apparently, it was something that could suit everyone. Not only does this phrase bug the hell out of me but I don't think this nude/orange/brown shade suits all that many. On me it dragged my complexion down and looked terrible against my skin tone, I can see why this looks so amazing on others but it's certainly not something that can work for everyone. I tried to love this so much as it was when I'd truly fallen in love with blogging but it was a total no go.


Typically Clarins base products are something that I really get along with not this one. It's something that is always so highly praised and of course, the beautiful packaging sucks me in every time but it just doesn't function well at all. It didn't matter what products I was using beforehand or how much or how little applied it pilled and balled up so badly that it was just impossible to wear. It did get the job done of making my skin look radiant I can't deny that but there is no amount of radiance that can make me like a product has pills up like this. 


As someone who has always wanted to have huge hair and never quite got my wish to come true, it might be obvious that I've tried a lot of products over the years that have promised to add volume. This has been a cult beauty product for years with bloggers, hairdressers and beauty writers but for me, it quite literally fell flat. You cannot use this on wet hair it turns your hair into a mess, it can work on damp hair to add that beachy texture and obviously best in dry hair. But it doesn't hold the volume at all and it's all too easy for things to get a little crunchy and crispy. Right now there are so many volumising and texture sprays on the market at a much cheaper price point that work so much better than this. 


This was the first primer that I ever used and I can't say it was a positive experience, not only did this feel incredibly slippy on the skin but it broke me out horribly. And at the time I was dealing with painful cystic spots all over my skin and then when using this it was made so much worse. Maybe if I used it now it would be a different story possibly but the reaction my complexion had to it put me off so much. Some people absolutely adore this product but it's just not something that I can on board with now.


So many bloggers named this a total staple to them and it always made in appearance in the likes of what's in my handbag and when I finally got to try it I was so excited. I'm not much of a gloss girl anyway but so many said if you didn't love gloss then this would be the product for you. And it's not that it's a bad product either but it just doesn't do anything really, you could get the same result with Vaseline, to be honest. It does smell amazing it will give it that but other than that it just doesn't really do much else.


CHARLOTTE TILBURY K.I.S.S.I.N.G LIPSTICK*: A very pretty lipstick and the formula is nice but I'm not 100% sure whether they're worth the hype. Maybe it's because I'm not a lipstick person but it seems more about pretty packaging than the actual product that warrants the price tag.

SLEEK ROSE GOLD BLUSHER: I really like Sleek blushers, for the price I think they're absolutely fantastic. But the shade rose gold just wasn't for me at all, it was so peachy and so shimmery. For some, they might love that but on my skin, it looked so unnatural and obvious that it just wasn't a good look.

SECHE VITE QUICK DRY TOP COAT: For a long time, this was my go-to quick dry top coat. It did dry things very quickly and made my nails look like glass they were so glossy but it did shrink my polishes slightly which was bearable. But this gets so gloopy that you can never get to the bottom of it which is just so wasteful. It's not a cheap top coat and to not be able to use so much of it is just so frustrating.

What hyped up blogger products have disappointed you? 

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty