Making Winter Style Staples Work In Summer

Some people like to split their wardrobe into two - winter and summer. But that's not something I've done in years, purely just down to the fact that I don't have that many clothes and if I took everything out that I couldn't wear in each season then I wouldn't be left with that many options. So something that I decided to do a few years ago which at the time was completely unintentional but now when buying any wardrobe pieces I like to make sure it can be easily transitioned into each season. Of course, there are a few things that can't at all like pretty summer dresses or really thick heavy knits. But there are a few things that you can easily take from Winter into the Summer. Also, bear in mind that I do live in the UK and we don't have the best Summers on record.


It's probably not a surprise to anyone that the Breton is in here let's be honest because they are a firm favourite of mine and are a wardrobe staple of mine all year round. And it totally depends on what style you like your stripes in but I prefer a relatively thick heavy piece so they're perfect in Winter but also in Summer they can work beautifully. I love to pair them with either an A-line skirt, midi skirt or some denim shorts. My favourite pieces come from the likes of Armor Lux and Joules for the really traditional Breton and they're the type of piece that the more you wear them then the better they are.


I never quite know how I feel about pinafores. For the most part, I absolutely love them and I think they look absolutely adorable but at the same time they do make me feel a little bit like an overgrown child. But I can't deny they're such a good transitional piece because in Winter you can pair them with a knit, thick tights and boots. And then in the summer paired with a t-shirt or breton and bypassing the tights and donning some pretty sandals they're perfect. 


Shirts are something that I go through stages with as I either absolutely love them or don't wear them for months. In Winter I like a shirt alone or typically worn under a jumper so that they can be layered for warmth. But I prefer them in Summer as they're such an easy way to look a little smarter without wearing something quite so heavy or fitted. My preferred style is the Oxford shirt or a pretty blouse as they're so easy to style with pretty much anything you can think of, infact I can't think of anything a shirt doesn't go with.


I'm a big lover of dresses in general, any type of dress I absolutely adore but they're not always appropriate for Winter. The jumper dress however is and they're so easily transitioned to Summer. Of course, if you live in a warmer climate then it won't be an option for you but us UK girls need something that can keep us warm as our days aren't always that great. A jumper dress is perfect to throw on for those days where it's warm but the breeze might be a little cooler but you can still withstand having your legs out. One of my favourite things about dresses, in general, is how easy to they are to style, you can throw them on and go so you don't have to think too much about them And of course, they're a bloated girl's best friend for comfort.


We have a lot of warm rain in the UK and whilst it's still warm you don't want to just be wearing a t-shirt and you don't want to be wearing a coat either. So this is where sweatshirts come into play because anything that is knitted is too much and I'm sure we all know how uncomfortable it is to wear anything knitted when the sun shines and you instantly turn into a clammy mess. So the sweatshirt is the way to go, they've been a staple in my wardrobe for a long time as they're so easy to just throw on top of just about anything. And anything that could be classed as loungewear, as well as outerwear, is good with me.


I couldn't resist mentioning the midi again. It's pretty obvious by now that I've really fallen for them and I think they're absolutely awesome. Not only are they incredibly easy to style and instantly make you feel pretty chic but they're so comfortable in the heat. You could easily wear a midi in Winter with a shirt or jumper and then really add the warmth with tights. Then in summer, they can be paired with a simple tee or cami with sandals to finish the look off and you're good to go. What I love probably the most about the midi is that they're still great in the heat but it doesn't mean you have to bare all your leg if you don't want.

What are your favourite transition pieces?

Rebecca WarrinerStyle