If I Could Only Use 1 Beauty Product From Each Category

I often like to present myself with these hypothetical situations like what would happen if all my makeup disappeared and I could only buy 1 item in each beauty category what would I pick? Well, today I'm playing out those thoughts in the form of a post. 


RIMMEL WAKE ME UP: Concealer is a beauty product that I feel pretty indifferent about, just because I don't think it's very fun. I mean I'm buying something just to cover up my imperfections. Whereas when purchasing a blush or a lipstick they're a whole lot more fun to wear and apply. The Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer pretty much does it all for me, even though it's not something that's targeted towards covering up breakouts. I find it does the job well enough when used in combination with a foundation that has a good amount of coverage. Under the eyes is where this product is really wonderful as it helps to disguise any darkness whilst helping brighten the area. Without being overbearing and resulting in a reverse panda aesthetic. 


CLINIQUE EVEN BETTER FOUNDATION: This is a little bit of a dreamers choice because I would have to have sun-kissed skin all year round to be able to wear it. But I just adore the way it looks on my skin and the way that it can make my complexion look completely flawless. But still looks and feels like there's nothing on my skin and I'm just naturally that flawless. The lasting power is also incredible and it can even endure hot summers and humid days. Of course, the downside to this base is the shade range and it irks me so much. As not only is the formulation wonderful but the price point is reasonable for such a high-end base option. 


HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING BLUSH: I'm practically frowning at myself for making this choice as I do believe these blushes are overhyped and overpriced. However, the shade mood exposure is absolutely beautiful and if I did have to choose just the 1 blusher it would have to be this. Because of the way this has been formulated it means it has a slight iridescence so it eliminates the need for a highlighter. The Maxfactor Creme Puff Blushers are a wonderful dupe for these dreamy blushers but it's the packaging is what sways me towards the more expensive option. Which of course is shallow and materialistic but any product that has a built in mirror is always just that bit better. 


CHARLOTTE TILBURY COLOUR CHAMELEON PENCIL*: For a long time, I would have answered this question with MAC eyeshadows are they're fail-safe and easy to use. However, I love how versatile these pencils from Charlotte Tilbury are and personally I don't think there is ever such a thing as too much shimmer when it comes to a champagne eye. Whether it's scribbled all over the lid or just used in the inner corner this pencil in the shade Champagne Diamonds should be a staple in any champagne eye lovers beauty arsenal. 


MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL: If you'd asked me even just a year ago I would have without a doubt said the YSL Babydoll mascara with no questions asked. However, that mascara is seriously expensive and not really a viable price tag option for a product that has such a short shelf life. The Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara is something that I discovered last year and I've not looked back since. It adds so much length and separation and has an incredibly long lasting formula despite it not being a waterproof product.  


CLARINS ROUGE ECLAT LIPSTICK*: This isn't quite like my other answers as I can't just pick one so I'm going to say I would have to go with a certain finish and colour family. Anything that's a dusky pink/rose and gives a subtle sheen on the lips is my go to on a daily basis. Even though I think matte lips look incredible on others they're something I personally love on myself and the upkeep isn't something I ever have the energy for. So lip products like the Fresh Sugar Balms, Revlon Lip Butters & Matte Balms and Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks are all fail safes in my beauty stash. 


JO MALONE PEONY & BLUSH SUEDE: I never thought I'd say anything other than JM Blackberry & Bay but Peony & Blush Suede has overtaken it slightly. I absolutely adore the fresh sharp twang this scent has as well as having a slightly muskier edge also. I'm always so drawn to Jo Malone scents because I feel like I'm getting something incredibly unique and they're not something that I could ever find elsewhere. Whenever I spray either P&BS or B&B they're two scents that just make me feel like myself. And personally, I think that's one of the best things about fragrance and the way that they can make you feel. 

What products would you pick?

R x

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