The Best Things To Do Alone

I'm a little bit of a lone wolf when it comes to getting things done. For me, some things are just so much better when they're done alone compared to doing them in a group or even with just one other person. And I'm excited to share my favourite tasks with you today and I want to know your thoughts. Are you more of a lone wolf or like being in a pack? 


Some people love to exercise with others but for it's always been something that I've loved doing alone as it allows me to clear my mind properly. Although working out with others is super fun and often more motivating than doing it all on your own. There's just something so soothing about doing it alone and you never have to worry about how the other person is doing and keeping at the same pace when you're by yourself. 


Without a doubt my favourite solitary activity is shopping. As someone who tends to wander around the same shop multiple times and likes to really think about what I'm purchasing it can often turn into quite a lengthy process. So doing it alone is awesome as you never have to worry about dragging anyone else around with you when you're on your fifth lap of H&M. There is something so cathartic about treating yourself to a shopping trip alone and maybe getting a little lunch date in with yourself also. 


Blogging is known to be something that we all do alone but treating myself to a blogging day in one of my favourite coffee shops is one my ultimate treats. It's something that I typically do when I know I have a heap of posts to write as I find being at home can often be super distracting and I find myself procrastinating a lot. But when I'm in an environment that I've purposely placed myself into work. I always get so much more done and of course people watching is one of the best activities to partake in. 


I think reading is one of those classic do it on your own activities. Although being with someone else when they're reading too can be super fun as you have someone to talk about your book with. But when you're on your own you can truly lose yourself in whatever you're reading and soak in all the words. I always find I enjoy reading so much more when I'm in a peaceful quiet environment as it allows me to truly switch off. Being in a busy setting can often take my mind away from the subject at hand. Train journeys are probably my all time favourite place to read and they're something I always look forward to doing when I know I've got a great book to read. 


What do you love doing alone?

R x

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