If I Could Only Use 5 Beauty Products

Whilst, in reality, I know I'll never be forced to pick only 5 beauty products. It's a fun hypothetical game to play as it shows what your true favourites are. So here are 5 of mine, which probably don't come as a surprise to anybody. But all these products together make for the perfect long lasting everyday makeup look. 

YSL YOUTH LIBERATOR FOUNDATION: Ever since picking this foundation up a couple of years ago it's become a fail safe base for me. No matter what the condition of my skin I know it will work. It's hydrating enough to glide over dry patches but not so moisturising that it melts away from oily skin. The coverage is a solid medium affair, which is my go to. It conceals anything that I might not want on show but doesn't completely mask out your complexion. The gel formulation makes it glide beautifully onto the skin with ease. It doesn't require a huge amount of effort with a brush to achieve a beautiful long lasting base. 

HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING BLUSH: After much deliberation between my beloved Stila Convertible Colour cheek options and the Tarte Exposed blush, I went with this. Its effortless way of highlighting the cheek is what made it the winner in this instance. Whilst I still stand by what I originally said about these blushes not quite being worth the hype that they've received online. I still think they're beautiful. The powder formulation isn't at all chalky and feels incredibly soft on the skin. Where it lets itself down is the lasting power, it's lacking. And I can imagine on really oily skin it wouldn't hold up too well. If you're after something similar to this the Maxfactor Creme Puff blushes are extremely close. Not only in colour selection but formulation too. 

TOO FACED CHAMPAGNE SHADOW INSURANCE: My love for a champagne eye is a poorly kept secret. It's something that works with any lip look that I might fancy wearing and is minimal enough to be suitable for whatever occasion. The Too Faced Shadow Insurance is not only stunning in terms of colour but its formulation is beautiful. It works well alone for a minimal and almost glossy eye. But underneath your shadow of choice, it creates a great base. Which makes the shadow adhere to the lid. So it not only lasts all day but it prevents creasing as much as possible. By the looks of it, this particular product has been discontinued but hopefully, they will release something similar to it soon. 

FRESH SUGAR LIP BALM IN PETAL: Do I even need to say anything about this lip product? I doubt it. But I will anyway just in case I haven't quite cemented my love for them. The Fresh balms have a beautiful formulation and pack more of punch when it comes to pigmentation than most balms. Petal is the perfect pink for my skin tone. It's a my lips but better kind of shade and makes the lips look fuller and perfected without the need for a liner. 

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL MASCARA: Since picking this up last year, I've become completely smitten and can't imagine myself using any other mascara anytime soon. It delivers an almost perfect lash look. A lot of lift, separation, curl and volume and it stays put all day without the need for a stubborn waterproof formula. The brush is slightly smaller than your normal mascara option which makes it really easy to work with and get right down the root of the lash.

What 5 beauty products would you pick?

R x

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