An Ode To Stripes & Outfit Ideas

We all know that I have a serious love for stripes. It's become quite a problem over the years but they're a timeless classic that will always have a place in my wardrobe. I wanted to share my favourite places to pick them up as well a few outfit ideas in today's post. 

H&M: If you're on the hunt for a Breton on a budget then H&M a fail safe store. I've always found that they have a great selection in numerous cuts and shades and often they differ from season to season. They aren't pieces that will last for years in your wardrobe as the quality goes hand in hand with the price. However if cared for properly then you can get a good 6 months to a year out of them. 

JOULES: I've always walked past Joules as in general it's a little too mature for me. But I love their Bretons. Their thick and structured and fit the bill of the classic Breton. There is a huge array of shades which change from season to season but I always go with the classic navy and white. They're the type of item that gets better and more worn in the longer you own it. They have minimal branding with just a small rabbit in the corner and Joules written across the top on the back. 

ARMOR LUX: By far the best Breton that I've ever found. They fit the bill perfectly of that classic Parisian piece and the quality is outstanding. Thick and weighty without looking heavy and frumpy. Sadly there aren't available in the UK so you have to order blind offline. I went for a size 0 which I believe is equivalent to a UK 6 [for a slightly oversized fit]. No matter how much you wear these they don't start to look tired or worn and they keep their shape incredibly well. They are a little more expensive than your standard high street item but if you're looking to invest in your Bretons. I would highly suggest in Armor Lux. 



Where do you pick up your Bretons?

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