If I Could Only Wear One Makeup Look

For years, I was a girl who only wore one makeup look and every single beauty product I owned fitted into one makeup bag. Oh how things have changed, sometimes I wonder if I could do that now considering the love affair that I have with beauty. So after racking my brains I narrowed it down to one makeup look that I think I could quite happily wear for the rest of my life. 


CLARINS INSTANT TOUCH SMOOTHING PRIMER*: This was tough to narrow down, as I'm currently besotted with the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer. However, this little red pot of joy has been a staple in my beauty routine for years now as it works so well no matter what type of condition my skin is in. It balances the complexion as well as smoothing out any uneven areas, which makes it perfect for those of use who have suffered from scarring in the past. No matter what base you seem to apply over the top they work seamlessly together to create a really perfected base. 

YSL YOUTH LIBERATOR: I never thought anything would knock the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation off the top spot in my foundation ranks, but this is an incredible base. The gel formulation makes it incredibly forgiving even on tired, blemished skin you still manage to look radiant. For such a glow-inducing base, it has an amazing wear time and doesn't scrimp on the coverage. It can be built up to a respectively full coverage affair or sheered out, which is why this base is such a good all-rounder.  The price tag is steep but worth every penny in my eyes as it's a base that can be worn all year round no matter what the weather.  

MAC MINERALIZE SKIN FINISH NATURAL: This powder isn't a product that I’ve always loved. When I first purchased it many moons ago, I didn't see what all the fuss was about but once I became more seasoned in the powder playing field my eyes were opened to how awesome it is. If you're looking for something that is going to make your skin completely matte then this isn't it. If you want something that somehow manages to set all your makeup into place without sucking all the life out of your skin then this might be just what you’ve been looking. With the bonus of a little bit of added coverage, this makes it a great on the go powder for any touch ups. 

TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY 12 HOUR BLUSH IN EXPOSED: One of my favourite areas of beauty to shop for is blusher so it was difficult to just pick one, as there are so many incredible options in my stash. Not only is Exposed a truly beautiful shade the lasting power is something that just puts it above everything else I own. Even on the hottest, sweatiest of days this stays put and doesn't budge. 


TOO FACED CHAMPAGNE SHADOW INSURANCE: The only eye look that I've worn in the past year or so has been a shimmery champagne one. I'm not one for faffing around with multiple shades or brushes so I go for a one wash wonder all over the lid and like to keep things as minimal as possible. This primer has been the perfect addition to my go-to champagne eye look, it can be worn alone but underneath shadows its shimmery eye perfection. It really helps the shadow adhere to the eye and last all day without any sign of creasing. 

MAC NAKED LUNCH EYESHADOW: A pretty famous shade in the world of MAC neutral shadows and it's really easy to see why, it's beautiful. It sits in between peach and yellow perfectly so if like me you've got a complex about looking like you've an eye infection this could be the shade for you. The formulation of MAC shadows is second to none, buttery, pigmented and long lasting so there isn't much more you could want in a shadow. 

MAC MYSTERY EYESHADOW: Brows seem to be something you are either pretty fanatical about or you couldn't care less about having a strong brow. I feel pretty indifferent about them, but I do enjoy filling them in slightly as even though they are naturally dark and full they do have a few sparse areas. The MAC eyeshadow in Mystery is the perfect shade for us brunettes whose hair doesn't too ashy or red, just a neutral brown.

YSL BABYDOLL MASCARA:  To this day I've never found another mascara that I love as much as the YSL Babydoll. This creates my perfect lash look within just a few coats and I've never been able to match it without the use of two mascaras, which isn't a cheap habit to keep up. It doesn't smudge or flake throughout the day which is a pet hate I have with a lot of mascaras nor is it a pain to remove. As this is a high end product it’s got the price tag to go with it and normally it’s not something I invest in but if it was the only one I could use I would have to pick this.

FRESH PETAL LIP BALM: Was it to any of your surprises that this is the lip product that I would happily use for the rest of my makeup wearing days, somehow I don't think so. I'll save my usual spiel that you've all heard before and just say it's awesome. 

If you could only wear one makeup look then what would it be?

R x

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