Why It's Important Not To Care Too Much About What Others Think

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Something I think we all struggle with at some point in life is caring too much what other people think. It's something that plagued my teenage years and well into early adulthood. We all know that we shouldn't care so much what complete strangers think or say about us, but it's not all that easy to put that thought into practice. 


We're a nation of people pleasers and constantly put others needs, feelings and thoughts above our own. No matter how hard you try you cannot possibly please everybody in life and it's exhausting to try and even attempt to do so. All humans are wired differently, it's what makes us unique and should be something that we celebrate. If we were all exactly the same that would make for a pretty dull world don't you think? But being your true self isn't something that comes easily to so many of us when people are so quick to openly judge anything that isn't familiar to them. 

So then this leads to people feeling pressured to be 'perfect' whatever that may be. Constantly being highly critical of themselves for not living up to that mould that society has created us to fit into. It's definitely something that I've tried to do for many years until I reached my mid 20's and had a total epiphany that I wasn't happy trying to be something that I'm not and letting too many people try and mould me into their ideal. Being perfect isn't something that exists in the world so in reality we're all trying to chase a status that doesn't exist. 

We're all so busy chasing goals that it can be easy to lose sight of some of the most important things in life. The pressure to be the perfect girlfriend, daughter, wife, mother, client, freelancer, blogger and whatever else we can think of. So are we ever going to be enjoying our life as much as we could be and embracing all those little things that make life just that bit sweeter when we're so busy trying to be 'perfect'? Probably not and this is where Sanctuary's latest campaign comes in: 

The brand is currently running a campaign called #LetGo. In the video they asked women what their advice would be to young women in society today and the words that they spoke were not only heart warming but also humbling in every possible way. Not once did they mention how much they earned or how many hours that they worked and isn't that refreshing to hear? 

So the next time I'm putting a ton of pressure on myself to be 'perfect' within my career, blogging or life I'm going to remember those words and not worry what other people think of me. As long as I'm happy with what I'm doing and what I've achieved then that is all that matters, not someone else's expectation.  Fitting into someone else's ideal isn't what is going to serve me or you best and if others judge for you doing right by yourself then is only a reflection on them, not you. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on this topic

R x

This post is sponsored by Sanctuary in collaboration with their new #LetGo campaign. 

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