If You Love To Binge Watch TV Shows Then You Need To Watch...


Sitting down and watching a tv show each week isn't really my thing. I tend to save things up and binge watch them or even wait until a show is completely over until I can all the episodes at a pace that my heart desires. And I know that I'm not the only one who likes to do that with tv shows so here are my favourite ones to binge watch.


Grey's Anatomy

Of course, I couldn't write this post without mentioning Grey's Anatomy. I watched it for the first time around two and a half years ago and I'm almost embarrassed to share how many times I've binged all 13 seasons through since. The show is now on it's 14th season which makes it binge-watching gold, around 24 episodes at an hour long is pretty heavenly. If you're not familar with the premise of the show then it follows a group of surgical interns through their first year of their residency. Through the years things change so much in the show and there is never a dull moment. It's something that you can't help but become seriously invested in and it's such an incredible show. Shona Rhimes is a genius!


Stranger Things [Netflix]

There may only be two seasons of this show so far but it's something that you must binge watch because it's just so addictive. I didn't jump on the bandwagon at first, I thought it was just all hype and a show could never be that good. But it is, you get sucked in immediately to the story and then the characters are why you keep on watching. Its sci-fi meets 80's and it's a show that isn't missing anything, there is romance, suspense, and thrill. If you're one of the rare people that haven't ever watched it then here is a little run on down of the plot. It's set in the small fictional town Hawkins, Indiana and follows the disappearance of Will Bryers and all the supernatural things that happen following his mysterious disappearance. 


Gilmore Girls [Netflix]

Last year I  fell well and truly in love with Gilmore Girls and it's a show that I can't wait to watch through again. And this is the perfect season to watch Gilmore Girls as if there is anything that Lorelai and Rory do well it's A/W. It's such a cult classic show and it's with good reason, it showcases such a beautiful relationship between mother and daughter. As well as of course, the fictional town of Stars Hollow which would probably be the best place in the world to live. There is nothing too harrowing about GG which I love as it's such a feel-good watch and instantly comforts a bad day/mood. 


American Horror Story [Netflix]

American Horror Story isn't like any other show in this post as every season is different. But one thing that they keep the same, for the most part anyway is the cast and in each season they all play somebody new so you really get to see the actors test themselves which I love. Like the name suggests, it's a thriller tv series but I don't think it's all that scary, creepy yes but it's not something that scares me so much I feel like I can't move. We're currently up to season 7 but my favourite seasons so far are Coven and Roanoke.


The Office

The Office is either a show that you love or you don't. And every single person I know who has watched it has become ever so slightly obsessed with it. It's a mockumentary about a paper supply company called Dundler Mifflin and the people who work in the office. From the subject matter, you might believe this tv show is pretty dull but it's such an incredible watch. The writing is a dry wit lovers heaven and the cast and the characters that they play are absolutely fantastic. And I defy anyone not to fall in love with Jim & Pam...



If my memory serves F.R.I.E.N.D.S was the first tv show that I ever really fell in love with when it comes to binge-watching. I had the entire 10 seasons on DVD and I used to watch it at any chance I had. Of course, this show gave me very unrealistic expectations of what adult life was like because realistically no-one in their 20's is living their life like that in New York City. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what the concept of the show is and it's a classic. But for good reason and it's always something that I put on when I'm not sure what else to watch as you can pick it up at any season. 


  • Mad Men
  • The Simpsons 
  • Gossip Girl
  • Parks & Recreation 
  • LOST 
  • The Walking Dead

What are your favourite tv shows to binge watch?

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