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I'm not someone who is all that well travelled, I didn't go abroad till I was nearly 18. And I've always had British summer holiday's with my family so frequenting far away beauty counters isn't something I've really had the pleasure of doing. However, I did go in a Sephora in Shanghai and it was a glorious experience. If only I knew what I should have been looking for back then. Since I started blogging there are so many brands that I've lucky enough to try from around the world and here are a few of my favourites. 


As a born and bred British girl I've always been lucky enough to have some of the world's most loved brands at my fingertips. When I was younger it never really occurred to me that different countries would have different brands. Which of course is pretty naive so let's just say my mind was pretty blown when my eyes were opened to the big global world of beauty. Below are two of my most loved British brands; 

RIMMEL: The house of Rimmel was founded in 1834 and originally started off as a perfumery and then slowly evolved into a fully-fledged beauty house. And here's a fun fact for you apparently Rimmel is the word for mascara in many different languages.  Fascinating history aside it's probably my all time favourite high-street budget brand. They have such a vast range with a huge array of formulas and finishes that there is just about something available for everyone [their shade range is a big problem however]. The price point is super budget friendly but their products are still incredibly high in quality. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY: When a makeup artist creates their own brand you can always expect it to be pretty fantastic. Charlotte Tilbury is the makeup artist to some of the most famous models/people in the world and I cannot deny that her brand is an absolutely beautiful. Not only the product range but the whole aesthetic in general is stunning. It's a quintessentially British brand to me and there isn't a single product in the line that I find to be garish or overbearing, just simple and classic. 


It's probably because there are so many brands in the U.S.A that us British beauty lovers have absolutely no chance of getting our mitts on that lures me in so much. Even though what draws me to America more is the sheer size of it and all the amazing cities. I won't deny part of me just wants to raid CVS. 

TARTE: The reason why Tarte Cosmetics was created is such an interesting one. The creator Maureen Kelly had such a large interest in creating good for the skin green beauty products that still maintained a sleek desirable design that would make you want to display the products proudly. And that's exactly what Tarte is. They pride themselves on the ingredients that they use and how beneficial they can be to the skin as well as being awesome makeup products. So often I think beauty products that take a little more of a natural approach no matter how big or small the packaging is usually pretty unappealing. And even though it's what is inside that counts when a product has pretty packaging you're always going to be more drawn to it. 

FRESH: If I were to start my own beauty brand it would probably be for the same reasons as Fresh. They created their line to turn dull everyday routines into awesome rituals that you could look forward to doing on a daily basis. It all started about with a soap and from then it's transformed into such an incredible beauty line that delivers wonderful products. We can get Fresh over here in the UK as they do have their own store in the capital but as I'm not someone who resides down south it's still not any easier to get my mitts on their products. Their Fresh Sugar balms are a cult classic product and they work incredibly well, not only do they deliver an intense hit of hydration but give the same level of pigmentation as a lipstick. 


Asian beauty products are something that fascinate me. Their beauty trends are so different to those that we have in the Western world. And whilst the trends are different and what they want in their products is sometimes the polar opposite there are still so many things that can work for our skin and beauty tastes. Things like sheet masks and cushion foundations have become incredibly popular in our beauty markets now and they both originated from the East. Of course, the biggest issue is getting your hands on Asian beauty products but I've been trying something lately that's taken all the hassle out of it and has given the chance to explore so many more brands.  

3 B BEAUTY BOX*: This is a beauty subscription service that delivers the latest in Asian beauty products with 5 deluxe samples for $12 a month. Some of my absolute favourite products have been the Leaders Brightening Recovery Mask* which is a coconut gel sheet mask. Whenever my skin needs a quick me up I always love to use sheet masks and this aims to hydrate and add radiance to the complexion. It reminds me of my favourite Tony Moly Snail Serum sheet mask and it delivers similar results. Another favourite that I've discovered is the Dewytree Blackhead Out Nose Patch*. Around my nose is the only place that I really struggle with blackheads and they can be a pain to deal with. But this one of the easiest methods I've found to waving goodbye to the majority of them and it doesn't leave the skin feeling dry and it's so fun to peel off and see the blackheads. 


If there is one thing that the blogging world has taught me it's that just across the channel is the country of dreamy skincare. If I had to pick a stereotypical beauty aesthetic to aspire to it would most definitely be the French women. And I couldn't write this post without including my all time favourite French skincare brand. 

LA ROCHE POSAY: My love affair with this brand started when I discovered Effalcar Duo. Which is a product that has completely changed the condition of my skin and I have so much to thank it for. If I could go back to my teenage/young adult self (16 onwards) I would spend my wages on this brand as it's a skincare brand that has such a wide range and can deal with problematic skin without being too overpowering and drying. And that's one of the founding reasons why the brand was created. It launched in the 1920's but it wasn't properly established until the 70's and ever since then they've worked hard to create skincare that dermatologists would use and recommend but for it to be available to everyone at a reasonable price point. 


SWEDEN: Maria Nila

ASIA: Shiseido

ITALY: Davines


NEW ZEALAND: Antipodes



What are your favourite beauty products and brands from around the world?

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