Introducing Carys From Freckles & Frocks

Today I'm getting to know more about the girl behind the blog Freckles & Frocks.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Carys, 25 & am living in the North West. By day I’m a Pharmaceutical Scientist (white lab coat & specs for the win!) & by evening I’m either playing netball, badminton or at the gym. I qualified as a Make-Up Artist last year & have what should probably be an embarrassing amount of make-up. When I’m not playing with make-up I’ve been busy decorating my house.

What got you into blogging?

Just over 2 years ago I started following a number of bloggers who writing about their day to day lives/travelling/make-up obsessions & using their blogs as a diary of the things they got up to & they inspired me to start my own blog. Plus it means my Nan & the rest of my family can keep up with all the house bits I do as I live quite far away from them now.

Tell us more about Freckles & Frocks?

Freckles & Frocks is about capturing my make-up & home improvements, in a way that I can go back & remind myself of all the things I’ve done. & hopefully help someone out if they’re looking at doing something I’ve already done. My original plan was to include some of the sewing bits I get up to (I’ve made my own skirt & have a few other things in the pipe line), but I haven’t quite reached the stage where I feel confident about what I’ve done to put it on the big old internet!

Apart from running F&F what do you get up to?

I play netball for a local team, badminton with people from work & go to the gym just so I can indulge in baking some yummy goodies. I also spend a lot of time reading blogs, books & some trashy news sites (I probably should be more embarrassed about that than I am!)

How do you juggle everything, working, blogging etc?

Lists. Lots & lots of lists. I think I’ve got about 5 in my handbag at the moment, none of which are complete…


What keeps you inspired when you hit a slump?

The fact that there’s always something to do that I haven’t done. I’ve got a list of house jobs I still need to do which just tends to get longer every day. Plus anytime spent on Pinterest seems to put thousands of ideas in to my head!

What are your favourite things about blogging?

Taking photos & seeing what I’ve achieved! I always mean to take more photos but I tend to get a bit lost in the moment where I either I forget to take any, or I fill my SD card up to the point where going through them all & sorting them out seems daunting!

 How did you start training to become a makeup artist?

One of my best friends ended up switching careers entirely after her Masters to become a beautician. When she told me that, it made me realise just how important it is to make sure there are alternative options. So I signed up for to a local College course & after an interview was accepted into a class. I absolutely LOVED it! Although I’m not doing make-up as a business at the moment, I have signed myself up to go & volunteer at a local Cancer Centre to help cancer sufferers with their self-confidence & well-being while they’re having their treatment. Wish me luck!

What’s it like to work in the healthcare profession?

It’s pretty crazy to be honest! I work in the Analytical Department of a big Pharmaceutical Company so get to work on chemicals that make some of the most cutting edge drugs for serious diseases. Some of it can be pretty nasty to work with. Believe me there’s a lot going on before any tablet can be given out by doctors & there are a few things I’ve worked on that have made it. Some of the products made by the company I’m at have even been used to treat my family & friends, which can make the job really personal & rewarding. It’s worthwhile when I know that the work I’ve done that day can potentially help save (or at least extend the life of) someone with a terminal illness.

A Few Of Your Current Favourite Things?

  • Beauty items – lipstick (there always seems to be several tubes rolling around in my handbag)
  • Fashion – my new over the knee boots (they’re lush)
  • General lifestyle – spray paint (it’ll give anything a new lease of life)

Any blogs You'd Like To Share?

  • Kate.La Vie - awesome homeware.
  • In The Frow - seriously enviable clothes.
  • Barefoot Blonde - her style is just so cool.
  • IHeart Organzing - loads of helpful projects for someone who’s organising obsessed!

What is to come on F&F in the future?

I’ve got quite a few home projects on the go that all seem to be half done, so those when I finally finish them! I’m also planning on making some Christmas decorations & indisputably my make-up collection will expand into a fourth drawer!

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