The Ultimate Bodycare Guide

It's funny that bodycare is deemed as a boring beauty topic to discuss as our skin is the largest organ that we have. I take great pride in my routine and I'm even more militant about moisturising every inch of myself when the weather is more baltic than balmy. For today's post, I've put together my ultimate body care guide that should see you through the next few months nicely. 


ROGER & GALLET GINGEMBRE ROUGE BODY SORBET*: I think we can all agree that peeling ourselves out of our warm duvets in the morning is bad enough let alone lingering in the bathroom to apply body lotion. This latest release from Roger & Gallet is the perfect daytime moisturiser as it sinks into the skin within seconds so you can climb into your weather appropriate attire as quickly as possible. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated all day and has the most beautiful scent that is still detectable but doesn't interfere with your fragrance of choice. 


SOAP & GLORY SMOOTH STAR: Body butters are my weapon of choice in the PM. As I don't have anywhere to go but to bed I don't mind slathering on something a little richer and I know that anything from Soap & Glory will meet my needs. The entire Smoothie Star range has a delicious almost cake like scent, a little too sickly for some but personally it's my favourite as I feel like a giant slice of Battenburg. If my skin is feeling is stressed and tired then this is the perfect treat for it as it's so deeply nourishing without leaving you slippy and slimy.  


ROGER & GALLET GINGEMBRE FRESH SHOWER GEL*: Possibly the most basic purchase in any body care routine but such an important one. My own shower gel tastes are nothing too out of the ordinary, I like something that is, of course, going to leave my skin feeling fresh and clean but without being stripping and taking anyway any valuable moisture. The consistency of this shower gel from R&G feels very luxe for a gel, it's thick and almost slightly creamy which feels super soothing on the skin whilst the fresh scent makes it incredibly energising too. 


BATH & BODY WORKS JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM SUGAR SCRUB: Many reserve exfoliating for the warmer months when their skin is on show, but it's important to incorporate it into your routine all year round. This scrub from Bath & Body Works is the perfect A/W option as the brown sugar and nourishing oils help to hydrate the skin as well as remove any dead skin cells. You can make your own sugar scrub if you don't fancy investing in one and concoct your own formula to suit your skin. 


ETUDE HOUSE MINT HAND CREAM: Nothing makes me happier than when awesome products are housed in adorable packaging. Etude House is the mecca for all things cute and I was so surprised by the quality of their products. This hand cream is light weight and silky and sinks into the hands in seconds which is the best formula to have as no one wants a sticky keyboard, phone or dog. For a deeper hand treat I absolutely love Soap & Glory Hand Dream Super Cream, it's a thicker consistency which makes it perfect for overnight use. 


ORIGINS MAKE A DIFFERENCE HAND TREATMENT: No your eyes haven't deceived you. I've been using a hand cream as a foot cream lately as this lotion from Origins is far too thick to be used on the hands. On the feet, however, it's perfect. It's deeply nourishing and when slathered on before popping on a pair of cotton socks you've got the perfect overnight foot treatment. Dry tootsies is a feeling that I simply cannot stand, it makes the rest of my body feel dry. Another favourite of mine is S&G Heel Genius which an absolutely amazing product. 

What are your favourite body care products?

R x

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