January Beauty Edit; The Flawless One


Not starting the year with a fresh beauty bag to root through on a nearly daily basis seems wrong. So as per usual I've brought together some of my favourite products, new and old to create a makeup look that I'm really digging at the moment. Safe to say that my skin isn't exactly looking it's finest after consuming a glorious amount of chocolate and falling asleep on the sofa with a full face of makeup on a few too many times. So not only do I need things to be a little more full coverage but I need that hit of hydration too as obviously I've not been drinking enough water and consuming way too much coffee. I'm on a mission to document how I switch around my makeup in 2018 and here is the first post to kick it off!



Lancôme La Base Pro Hydra Glow*: On the tube, this states that it's a 24-hour hydration illuminating makeup primer and that's what my complexion needs. It's got a pink tint to it which immediately adds radiance to the skin without the need of glitter and shimmer, it simply adds light and life to the skin. I'm not sure on the claim that it gives 24-hour hydration but it does give the complexion the boost it needs without disrupting the balance of the skin. This is one of those really lovely priming products that can be used underneath makeup to boost radiance. But it can be worn alone on makeup-free days to perfect the skin ever so slightly however, it's not one that can be used as a moisturiser in a pinch like other options I've used before.

correct & conceal

Nip + Fab Green Colour Corrector*: I've got a few slightly angry blemishes at the moment I've needed to return to this correcting product from budget brand Nip + Fab. It's undoubtedly one of the best correcting products I've ever used. It doesn't make you look like Shrek but it does help distinguish redness and it's not drying at all. A seriously great product for helping with any redness in the skin.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Better CC+ Cream*: This isn't a concealing product, well at least it's not marketed as one but that's how I've been using it. It's thick and it's full coverage but it's not drying at all which is what I want to help hide my blemishes away as anything drying is a nightmare to use. It's enriched with a bunch of lovely skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen which I find really helps to plump my complexion and make it look as healthy as possible even when it's concealing everything.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye*: As well as all the blemishes that are gracing my face right now my dark circles and under-eye bags are a little too prominent for my liking. I spoke about this concealing product in a recent post and I did mention that it is very full coverage so you do have to be very wary of how much you're using as it can become pretty much unworkable and looks awful. With a tiny, pinhead-sized amount and a good brush, you can blend this to a flawless finish that keeps everything covered all day. You definitely need to make sure the skin is hydrated but once it is then this works wonderfully.



Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Créme Foundation*: Now we're getting into the real depths of winter and my skin is at it's fairest I've not got that many bases that work with my skin tone without mixing them with something else. Which is fine but sometimes I'm just a little lazy to do it and I want something I can just stick on and not worry. As I said I'm a little more spotty and looking generally a little worse for wear right now so I wanted something that is full coverage but not something that looks unnatural and fake. And that is what this foundation for me, it's so easy to work with because it's a thick cream that is kind to the skin and it doesn't set down instantly which is a bugbear of mine with fuller coverage bases. It does boast that it's like a second skin and it really is, even though it's oil free it's not drying nor does it settle into the skin. If you loved the original Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation then you will more than likely love this, gosh I miss that foundation.



bareMinerals Original Skin Foundation*: I've been using this as a perfecting powder, I dug it back out so I could touch up my base before going out for the evening and I fell back in love with it. I always thought that mineral foundation wouldn't work for me at all but this does beautifully. The key is to really warm it up and then buff and blend into the skin like there's no tomorrow, it doesn't disturb the product underneath either. Of course, this is marketed to be used a foundation but I prefer to use it a powder, quite lightly as it provides the most beautiful flawless veil of coverage and give an almost satin look to the skin.


Nars Unlawful Blush*: Typically I wouldn't reach for a powder blush when my skin isn't the most radiant but in combination with the primer, a Nars blush can still work. The shade unlawful from Nars is a dirty pink with a hint of shimmer that adds a little hint of sparkle to the cheek without being over the top. Dirty pink with a brown undertone is always what I find myself gravitating towards as it's always the most flattering shade on my skin all year round. Nars blushers are absolutely superb, the powder formulations are so soft and kind to the skin and stay around all day. So often powder blushes can make the skin look a little drab but these never do that. 



Nars Velvet Shadow Stick in Hollywood Land*: Now, I know that this may come to a shock to many of you but I've not been using my Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Which is quite the shock I know, I've barely used anything else until now. This item can be used a shadow alone but I like to use it underneath other shadows as a primer and to add more dimension to the eye. It's such a wonderful product, so easy to use, scribble onto the eye, blend in and it creates the perfect base for anything else you may apply over the top. The shade Hollywood Land is a dreamy champagne, sits perfectly in the middle and is incredibly flattering.

Tartlette In Bloom Palette*: I've spoken about this palette so much in 2017 and I absolutely adore it. I'm going to link to an entire post I dedicated to it as it's so much more in depth but it's undoubtedly one of the best palettes I've ever used. It's perfect for the neutral minimal makeup lovers who also love a bit of shimmer. 

Rimmel Volume & Shake Mascara + Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara*: I've always liked to double up on my mascara just because I can get the exact look that I want. I've been mixing the Rimmel Volume & Shake Mascara with my beloved Maybelline Lash Sensational. It gives me defined, lengthened and separated lashes which make just enough of a statement but it's the perfect combination for a daily basis. The combination doesn't smudge nor is it a pain to remove so it's good all round as well as being budget friendly.


What makeup items are you reaching for this January?

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