Thank you 2017


I was desperate to think of a way to write this blog post without talking about how quickly the year has gone. But, seriously, how quickly has 2017 gone by? It seems like a complete blur and now I'm wracking my brain trying to remember everything that happened in the past 12 months. I used to do a big roundup of blog posts but I thought I'd things a little differently this year...



  • I welcomed portrait images onto my blog and throughly enjoyed playing with a new style and now I prefer them to landscape. Isn't it funny how all blogs used to be landscape images?
  • And I started shooting with a new lens, now I'm a 40mm girl for life. 
  • I found a really amazing cactus nursery close to where I live and I'm desperate to go back soon. 
  • My boyfriend and I finally returned to Ladybower, it was so drizzly and cold but it was an awesome day. 
  • And in general, we got outside a lot more despite the ice cold weather.
  • I made a pact with myself that I'd post things that reflected who I was more, not just beauty posts. 
  • I bought and wore more clothes that felt like 'me' and saw a real turning point in my style.





  • I really started to explore the world of minimalism and figured out what it meant to me. 
  • I started to feel a whole lot more in tune with the blogging world again and found my feet with what I wanted to write about. 
  • And from that I started to work with some incredible brands and set some collaborations into place. 
  • I cut my hair even shorter and loved it so much, after growing it out for so long sometimes I can't believe I chopped it all off.
  • My sister and I visited the snowdrops together for the first time and it was such a lovely day and one that still sticks in mind. 






  • I visited a lot of stately homes with my dad as they all started to open back up. It's truly one of my favourite things to do. 
  • I did a few things so out of comfort zone, including filming a video for a brand. 
  • I got overly excited about the blossom returning. 
  • My boyfriend and I did this shoot for Ted Baker and it's most definitely my favourite one to date.
  • I was in hospital a lot but it helped me figure out what was going on.
  • I did a collaboration with Topshop.
  • I wrote a post about feeling lonely in your 20's and it really hit home for me. It's something that is so normal and so many of us feel it yet it seems like something that is so shameful to admit. 
  • I met Anna from This Last Moment and she's such a lovely lady. 





  • And I wrote a post all about not enjoying learning to drive and being an anxious driver. 
  • I started to think about moving out properly, it's easily one of the hardest choices I've made this year. I loved living with my dad so much and still miss living with him now as much as I adore the life I have with Josie and my boyfriend. 
  • My boyfriend and I took a trip to Scarborough, he'd never been before and it's one of my favourite places to be.
  • I finally worked out I couldn't eat a lot of fibre, I miss granola and the majority of fruit and veg a lot but not being in such a horrible amount of pain on a daily basis is a big deal for me. 
  • My love for taking photographs of flowers hit a new high.




  • I moved out.
  • And I turned 27. 
  • I discovered that there is a veggie option of a pulled pork burger at one of my favourite restaurants and it was easily the highlight of my birthday. 
  • As well visiting Castle Ashby and taking some of my favourite photos of the year. 
  • My best friend spent days making me iced biscuits for my birthday and they were incredible. 
  • My boyfriend for my birthday bought me a Mac Mini so I could have a much bigger workspace and it's one of the most incredible things he's ever done for me. 
  • I discovered midi skirts and I can't wait till next spring to wear them all again. 
  • I went to London thanks to BareMinerals and it was awesome. 
  • I photographed even more flowers, bluebells mostly. 
  • We went and picked up Josie and it was the best day of the year, I miss her puppy smell every day. 



  • I realised just how much harder having a dog who is much bigger than ankle height is. 
  • But having the responsibility for something else made me so incredibly happy and improved my mental health so much. 
  • I started to miss my mum a lot more than I'd done in years and had a few teary days. 
  • But I did collaberate with Kleenex to do the Race For Life in memory of her. 
  • I tried to kick start my love for fitness again but failed.
  • We introduced Bella and Josie, it's still a little difficult between them but sometimes they cuddle and it melts my heart. 
  • And Josie finally had puppy freedom and it was incredible to see her trot around. 



  • My blog turned a whopping 6 years old.
  • I really tried to gain weight and keep it on and I did, hurrah! 
  • My mental health really dipped due to a huge sense overwhelm and change. 
  • I got a little better at taking time off and not feeling so guilty for it. 
  • As well as calling bullshit on the whole work life balance. 
  • I finally found the perfect dressing table for my new living space and I still absolutely adore it. 
  • July was a rocky month but there were so many blissfully sunny days and basking in the summer sun with Josie by my side was wonderful. 





  • My boyfriend went back on tour and I saw him play main stage Leeds festival and I was so proud that I thought my heart may burst. 
  • We started to let Josie off the lead and seeing her race around is still as incredible as it was the first time. 
  • The end of the month saw it turn 8 years since my mum passed away.
  • I started to feel way more confident driving.
  • The summer slump truly hit with work.
  • I upgraded my desk space to something way bigger and now it's such a joy to work in my office 
  • I caught up with an old but still very dear friend Jen Carrington. 



  • I got that back to school feeling with work.
  • It was my first proper month just me and Josie as my boyfriend toured Asia and we did just fine and I basked in all the puppy cuddles. 
  • I realised just how lonely working from home is. 
  • Not even a month since I started to feel a little more confident behind the wheel my driving anxiety reared it's ugly head once again.
  • I explored the world of cruelty free beauty a little more in this post here. 
  • I embraced being a little older and started to enjoy it, I'm actually excited for my birthday rather than dreading it. 



  • I embraced not being sure what I was going to do next.
  • I started work on a 3 month collaboration with UGG as well as working with TOMS, Hartley's, Murmur Homeware and Tesco. 
  • I finally admitted to myself that I wasn't finding any joy in going to the gym anymore and that it was ok. 
  • I wrote my own version of a daily vlog and thoroughly enjoyed it. 
  • My skin became the clearest that it's been in years. 
  • Josie was sent the most beautiful collar, lead and coat from Fetch & Follow. 



  • I bought my first car, a Fiat 500 who I've named Felicity! 
  • And having my own car has completely changed my relationship with driving, I actually started to love it and now I look forward to getting in my car.
  • My boyfriend turned 28. 
  • I took Josie to her first show to see her dad play and she was so well behaved and his tour family gave her so much love and affection
  • One of the worst creative blocks I've ever had arrived and I took it as a learning curve rather than trying to fight against it for once. 
  • My boyfriend finished up touring for the year and I'm looking forward to him being at home for a while.






  • It was my first Christmas living away from home and it was so special.
  • My boyfriend made my Cambridge Satchel dreams come true. 
  • We celebrated Friendmas and had the veggie feast of dreams. 
  • Josie turned 9 months old.
  • I worked with some incredible brands who rounded up the year so wonderfully. 
  • It snowed more than it's done in years and we revelled in it. 
  • I felt more at peace with my mental health than I have in years. 
  • I felt excitement towards the festive period and tried not to dwell on my mum not being around too much. 

thank you for a truly wonderful 2017

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