Let's Talk: Mental Health & Exercise

Ever since I started making the conscience effort to exercise the biggest difference that I've noticed is the state of my mental health. Over the past 3 years, it's something that I've really struggled with but I've always been dubious about sharing on my blog. It's something that's so personal to the individual and is still a delicate issue to discuss even now it's much more widely spoken about. But today I wanted to talk about the positive effect exercise has had on my own mental health. 


Although we all know it's true. Mental health is something that's very personal and unique to the individual. For me, I've never found things like medication or therapy to be all that helpful and have often caused more issues. For other people though those things really do have a positive impact on their wellbeing. But sadly they just aren't right for me. But exercise is something that has been a complete game changer. Of course, it's not got rid of the issues that I have completely but it's certainly helped. And for you, it might not work at all and actually add to the issue you're dealing with but it's always something I think is worth trying. Mental health issues aren't a one size fits all kind of deal. 

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The only way to accurately describe my mind is like a giant scribble. It's always active, always busy, always worried and never calm. Which in turn can have a lot of effects on your physical wellbeing. As there is a huge relationship between how you feel in your mind and how you feel in yourself. I've spoken about how much I tend to worry and overthink situations [read this post here]. And when I feel myself slipping into a particularly bad patch I know that there a few things that can help. But either going to the gym or just getting outside to go for a walk. Are the things that can help me so much to break out of that horrible vicious cycle. 


Mental health is something that can often feel like your own personal prison that you can't ever break free from. Our minds are so powerful and it can be so easy to forget that but they can completely overrule anything else. And whilst it might sound a little silly I've found that fitness is something that I've found incredibly freeing. It helps me feel that I'm back in control of how I feel and my mind isn't as in charge as it might want to be. It also is something that makes you feel more able in yourself and not so debilitating. 


In our society, it's something that has become almost normal to hate the body that you're in. But exercise is something that can make you appreciate your body so much more. Even if it doesn't quite work in the way that you might want it to. When you're able to get up and move around and be kind to yourself it feels awesome. And it's also a huge confidence booster. Even if you're not the strongest or fittest person in the world just knowing that you can do something is incredibly empowering. Because when you struggle with any type of mental illness. It can feel incredibly debilitating and take so many things away from you. 


When the thing that you're struggling with whether it be physically or mentally is invisible it can be tough to deal with. Not only in yourself but with other people also. Because it's not something others can see it makes it difficult to understand but that doesn't take away from the severity of invisible illnesses. Being mindful and kind to your own body is so important as well as showing that understanding and compassion with others. Illness is any form can be incredibly lonely so being that little bit kinder to others is always an incredible thing to do. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on mental health & exercise

R x

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