My Favourite Books To Get Lost In

Whilst I absolutely love binge watching my favourite tv shows nothing makes me happier than losing myself in a good book. As much as I love reading books crammed with information and knowledge discovering a whole new world is incredible. Here are 6 of my all time favourite books to lose yourself in time and time again. 

THE SECRET HISTORY - DONNA TARTT: I always thought the incredible J.K Rowling would be my all time favourite author but Donna Tartt is slowly overtaking. The Secret History follows 6 classics students in Vermont. But the story is narrated by the main character Richard who talks us through the tale of how one of the group was murdered and left behind. And even though that doesn't sound all that riveting it really is. The way that the book is written is incredible, it's captivating from the beginning. Tartt's writing style makes you hang on to every single word that's she written and want more. 

THE MINIATURIST - JESSIE BURTON: I've never known someone read this book and not instantly fall in love with it. The style of this book is nothing short of brilliant and the way Burton describes everything in great detail makes you instantly fall in love with each and every scene. It follows young Nella, an 18-year-old who has just moved to Amsterdam to be the wife of a rich merchant but not everything is as it seems. The camaraderie between the female characters in this story is beautiful and how they are so willing to help each other through the travesties that they are all facing.

THE GREAT GATSBY - F.SCOTT FITZGERALD: The world of Gatsby is something that has always fascinated me and with good reason because it's beautiful. And when the film was released a few years ago I know I needed to give the book a read. It's a short story but a powerful one as the tale is truly tragic. If you're not familiar with the plot line it follows young Jay Gatsby a rich millionaire in the roaring 20's. The story is told through the eyes of Nick who in the book is much more of a bystander whereas if you've watched the film you will already know how involved he gets. 

LITTLE WOMEN - LOUISA MAY ALCOTT: There is a good reason why this book is still so popular and spoken about in our modern culture. It's truly fantastic and personally, a classic that deserves all of its recognition. As it was written in 1868 it can be a little difficult to follow at times. But you soon get used to the style and it's hard not get lost in the story of the March sisters. There is so much sadness and heartache in this book but it's also incredibly inspiring. For the decade that it was written in. It was so ahead of its time and it empowers women so much and shows that you don't have to take the traditional routine in life to be happy. 

THE HOBBIT - J.R.R TOLKIEN: The Hobbit will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first adult book I ever read given to me by my year 4 teacher. Even though I'm sure we are well aware of the story since this got made into a blockbuster film here's a quick synopsis. It follows Bilbo, a hobbit who loves nothing more than being at home trying to win a share of the treasure guarded by the dragon Smaug. Much like Lord Of The Rings the tale goes from lighthearted to dark and sinister seeing Bilbo face many obstacles. As with anything that Tolkien creates my favourite element has to be the incredible landscapes and the intricate details. 

HEIDI - JOANNA SPYRI: A children's classic that even as adults I think we can find something pleasurable in the tale of Heidi. It's not a story that is always smooth sailing when she moves away from her Grandfather's home to the city and faces the perils of a completely different world. But then once she returns to the mountain it's such a heartwarming story and truly makes you appreciate family and the strong bonds that you have with each other. 

What are your favourite books?

R x

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